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Avatar making competition- Win a patch! Answered

Basically what the title says. Just make me an awesome avatar for a chance to win a patch!

Some rules:
-Must be entered by Thursday 14th
-Must be an avatar? :/
-Waaaaa! I can't think of anything else! Waaaaaa!

Some things |I'm interested in to help you:
-Knex guns
-Anything knex
-Gym/workout (Lol)

Good luck!


im in. im going to blow your mind. my dad is a professional. 

he showed me some awesome ones today :) ill post them on the 14th!

Hey have you posted them yet? I wanna see them too and it's already the 16th

 i already did post them. i sent him them in a PM. also i won the contest and i got a patch :)

Good Job =)!!! Congratz! Can you show me the avatars though? No worries I won't copy them or anything

 sure. its a huge file. send me your email in a PM, and ill send you the PDF.

I hope it's as good as you're making it out to be.

I bet its gonna be awesome. Hehehehehehehe :)

it is. my dad owns a huge advertising agency called wolfbone marketing though he owns the company he does alot of artwork for it. but he doesnt do any drawn art. all on the comp. he has thousands of programs and he knows and uses them all.

He is a taxi driver part time but he is in college training to be an engineer, he is about 3.5 years through his 5 year course.

GO TO www.google.com/url

click on about us, then click jerry carbone. that is my dad.
and when i put kevin C. at the end of my messages, the c stands for Carbone (its italian )

-Kevin Carbone

 dude. please get on skype nao. i mean nao.
kevinc9933 is my skype. add me and call nao.

wait so it has to be a giant smurf?


8 years ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhh! i cant make them!

 Heres my first try on an avatar ever.


At all close to what you wanted?


Hey! That second one is pretty cool! :-)

Imma use it for now, but it is not officially the winner.


I dont really mind so much, but I have a feeling that if you 'just use' anyone else's avatar without giving them a prize, they might not be so pleased.

I like those, they scale down well and you bothered to make them square.


hey can it be of ourselves?
if so i just made mine

Hmm... not bad, although, I have to say, it looks a bit tacky and its not my gun. But its not bad, I still like it though :-)

Normally it looks better.
If you just open it as a file.

 im on it

mm, I couldn't make an avatar for you like you made me, I don't have photoshop and I don't really know how to use it, also paint is not really my best point too...