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Aviary, an online graphics suite, is out of private beta Answered

This happened some time ago, but I thought that maybe there are still some people who haven't heard about Aviary and would enjoy it.

Basically, Aviary is a graphics suite (with, amongst others, a photoshop and illustrator-like program). It's nowhere near professional, but the programs are cool and easy to use. The big innovation here is that they run in your browser without the need to install anything, so you can access them anywhere. Besides that, the good people at Aviary try to build a community of artists so that you can easily share what you've made etc. Only a small part of the suite is available for free though , the image editor is free but the vector editor you need to pay for.

I'd personally still rather use photoshop and illustrator, but the idea that it is possible to run complex programs like this so smoothly in your browser is quite intriguing.

the link to check it out is obviously www.aviary.com




9 years ago

Looks interesting...I think I shall have a got at it also.


10 years ago

I signed up. Neat little thing, but I'll have to read the tutorials to learn how to work it.