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Avoid wires from touching each other? Answered

I am building a Guitar Distortion Pedal. I have made a case for it.
When all of the contents are inside the case - sometimes there are misconnections, and 'scratchy sounds' i get through the amp.
I'm assuming this is because some wires are touching OR some wires are NOT touching.

In any case, I need suggestions as to how to avoid wires from touching each other. I know there are rubber wire sleeves that can protect the wire from other wires. I've used some of those.

But, is there such a thing as a "Blanket"  to lay across the circuit board so it doesn't touch or interfere with the case?

If so, please let me know! Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. 

Thank you.

- Grizzly_Bear


Paper, foam, cardboard, tape, cloth, rubber, plastic... any of these will work as a "blanket" for what you want to do.

Are you using uninsulated wire to build the circuit?

If you are concerned about exposed wires shorting against a metal enclosure, then you could use tape on the inside walls of the enclosure to create an insulating barrier.