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Awesome Uses For An Empty Room Answered

I currently have a 2 bedroom apartment, in which the second room has zero use... I only got it because it was like 30 dollars more expensive than the 1 bedroom, that being said, I want to use my second bedroom for something and don't know what. I was thinking a project room... but I think I want something more creative then that. I am already thinking of removing the doorand replacing it with a secret mirror door so it becomes a "hidden room"... in this hidden room I was thinking of having a HAM Radio operation, with some other stuff... but honestly I just don't know what I want to do with it. If you had a spare room "collecting dust" what would you do with it? I finally don't have my mom telling me "you can't do that, thats silly" or anything like that... so wild ideas are acceptable! PS: I was just thinking, keep in mind this is an apartment, so I can't nail, drill, or do anything to my walls... and my noise level has to be somewhat low... Otherwise it would be a recording studio.


Recreate a set from your favorite movie or TV show. Like the bridge from the Enterprise, or the bar from Cheers. Make something crazy and fun and impractical.

A stripper pole, doesnt need drills,(for working out or friends whatever lol) , a mini bar, lil waterfall, use vilnyl wall decals that peel on and off walls theyre very in style and cheap you can make your own too. Theyre bi sexual too...you know like male/female you know what i mean

Oh, I forgot to mention, the panels are available at Home Depot for only about ten bucks each, and they can be cut with a utility knife and a cutting guide. You'd need to use four panels for each of the fifteen foot walls, and cut the fourth panel down from four, to three feet wide. Try one panel first and see how tightly it will wedge between the floor and ceiling and use this as reference. If it stays up without bowing in the middle, you won't need to trim it at all.

Turn it into a man-cave! Install a large video screen, Video projector, with a surround sound system and a wet or dry bar. Put up lots of nasty pictures of sexy chicks, team logos, posters, etc. to completely cover the walls. Oh, for the noise reduction, so that your neighbors don't hear anything, install 4X8 foot sound deadening boards to the walls first, then cover them up with your "graffiti". Furnish the room with bean bag seats and used mattresses, covered with some kind of washable cloth materials. It would take about 16 of the sound boards, which you could join together with long, flat 1x4's on the back side and force them against each wall, using the thickness of whatever carpeting there is and the ceiling. The distance from the top of the carpet edges to the ceiling would be just short enough for the 8ft panels to wedge into, thus keeping them in place without nails or any other damage to the walls. As you go from one wall to the next size each panel so that it will fit tightly against the surface of the previous edge, and so on.


6 years ago

Put any "non-sleeping stuff" that is in your bedroom, and any "non-living stuff" that is in your living room, into your spare room ~

Books and magazines; desk top computer and peripherals; games machines; tools and "projects"; sports and camping gear; park your bicycle/skateboard/kayak in there.. ; anything else that doesn't quit "belong"...

~ and you no longer have a "spare" room. And a tidier and neater apartment..

Put in to hammocks, a HUGE ball pit under, and a bunch of fish, ( or maybe make it a library but the first one is funner) :)

I've got an extra room I may turn into a personal arcade, I've already got a coin-operated Road Blasters and Buck Rogers.

I would turn it into a photo studio. But you're probably not into that. If you're into it, you could make a sports bar/poker room, or a mirror on the ceiling, and well...you know the rest.

Seriously, it has crossed my mind to turn it into a "love room". That way I can keep MY room messy... and in there I can have a bed with silk sheets and everything.

Sorry I didn't mention, the room is like 15 X 15 feet.

Massive games room. Pool table, darts board and a mini bar. Whack a TV on the wall and hook and xbox up to it. Beanbags everywhere.

And why, pray tell, is that a man cave? I would totally love a room like that.

It's a room for drinking beers and watching the game. Like my mates garage. It's awesome.

it's basically a guy's haven (minus sex, lol) that's decked out with electronics and everything. One could probably live in one for a couple of days. I guess cause I guess wives usually get the whole house, lol.

And I'm saying that it sounds awesome. Why do you assume a girl isn't interested in that kind of room?

It's based off of the stereotypical notion that beer and TV is a "man's" thing. It's just a name, nothing to get worked up about.

*sniff* That was...beautiful...you did put it in perspective. @ whatsisface and guyfrom7up - Pffft to your man room! I'll make a better one. With a TV that's a foot wider. :-P

Well, I have a "Man Bus". Only cool chicks are allowed. If you ever visit Arkansas, because of your supreme coolness, you are permitted to enter the "man bus". Just don't do or say anything "girly"!

xD I'll have to visit the Man Bus some day... Nae worries, a person might use many adjectives to describe me, but "girly" is not one of them.

ROFLOL Just 'cause I don't spend 40 hours a week on my hair and nails doesn't make me a guy. ;)

Well, then it sounds like if it does become the "man room" I will just call it the "Room of Awesomeness that has no sex based denial process" :D

a Man for a Man cave knows that they measure it in diagnol ;P

No girls allowed.

Unless noted otherwise..

Mmmk, remember that when you want in my fortress of awesomeness...

Fortress of Awesomeness? Like home-economics?

the real china town, not the fake one that everyone knows about ;)

Let me put it this way, we were thinking of installing a spit bucket at one point.

Replace the door with book shelves, tilt one book to release the catch...

Behind it, add sound insulation and you can get up to all sorts.

With all sorts...

Im going to have to say bowling alley or just open a restaurant franchise in there, that way you dont have to go out to eat


9 years ago

Have a half-door, the ones where you can open the top half, and keep the lower-half closed, and make a ball pit!

With a ladder to the half-way point, and a small diving board.

All great ideas... :) I already ahve my media room tied in with my living room so I think I will keep it like that... I really do like the idea of a green room... but I have got out of film for a while now... :D Keep the great ideas coming guys...

paint the walls blue or green, mix a bit of white in with it for the ceiling (ceilings look darker than walls), get some carpet offcuts of a similar colour for the floor, and BAM green screen studio for video fun. or just build a holodeck... whichever.

just noticed the comment about the walls - a similar effect could be achieved with blue-tacking large painted paper panels.