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Awesome bookshelving system Answered

I'm racking my brain on how to make something like this: http://studiomama.com/bookshelf.html. Anyone got any ideas?


Seems to me that L-brackets and wood glue are pretty much all you need, though dowels would be much prettier.

Already watched that. But not very helpful if you really want to understand how it's made, don't you think?

.  It's a start.
.  Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. ;)

Looks like you'd make it just like any other  bookshelf, except for bigger and cooler. :) It either has discreetly hidden L brackets holding it to the walls studs, or the those funky invisle sopprt that are hidden within the thickness of the shelf.

Maybe it is just so well-built and well-fitted that it just barely fits perfectly within the "box" created by the walls, ceiling, & floor; and so is held in place by the structure of the building,; but that would require such precise cabinet-making that it seems completely unlikely.

. http://studiomama.com/images_all/bookshelf/shelf.swf