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Awesome, fun ideas to use my brass tubing? Answered

I was going to make a steam engine so i brought some brass tube and tried to join the local metalworking club so i would have access to their knowledge and tools as i have none myself.
The committee of this club are having issues and not accepting new members for 12months which disappointed so i have brass tube 1/2in 0.14mm it says on the sticker and I'm kinda impatient so i wondered if you guys had ideas of what i could do. 2 tubes about 25cm long.
I've been thinking about what to do when my town is invaded (the street lights are off every other week and reports of shady characters near power station lately)
A self defense tool, survival tool?
Usually I'm creative but people having holidays at work mean i work 10hours a day 6 in morning 5 in evening. It drains you split shifts as you see in my maths fail.
Anyway, i appreciate your ideas.

Thank you



Best Answer 7 years ago

I think that's the size you can use to modify Nerf guns. You replace the stock barrel with a longer brass tube, along with other modifications. You can then fire home-made "Stefan" ammunition with far more force than the original Nerf gun was ever capable of. I built one that was able to fire foam darts through double-ply cardboard, from 20 feet away.

get a really strong magnet that fits in your tube and let it fall through it. You will be suprised if you don't know the trick. (Brass is not ferromagnetic, or have I turned mad?)

You could make some darts and play with it as a blowpipe.


What about and alcohol still?

i agree with kiteman, and your idea of a blingy selfdefense tool

Something musical - wind chime, pan-pipe, penny-whistle.

Get some books on model steam engines and work from them ? Tubal Cain wrote two classic books on little engines that didn't need a lot of machine shop work.

You could make a blowgun. Or add a larger tube over that, seal it up and make an air powered gun. Or you could put a sharpened stick through it, attach a elastic band of some sort, and make a gun.