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Awesome site selling space age materials Answered

If you're hurting for novel materials, do I have the site for you! It's got all these super-cool, futuristic-y weird, wacky and awesome materials made possible by science

Between the talking tape (speaks a message without electronics!), shape memory polylmersuper elastic plastic, temperature sensitive glass (SO pretty!) and the temperature sensitive color changing fabric - I can't decide what I want most! Each product's page gives applications for it, but I'm sure ya'll don't need the suggestions...most of us work in regular plain old metal, wood, leather, plastic, electronics, etc - imagine all the extra routes you could go with some of these things as components.

(No, I'm not being paid or something, I'm just excited about all the possibilities...hey, what about a contest with prizes being money to spend on this site??)

As Kiteman would say - Go on...



It is a great site to "look" at, but so far I have been unable to afford anything I could actually "use" :-)

there is no link shown

Yes there is...at the bottom of the post where it says "Inventables." :)

If you look to the right of the page, every topic's author is identified in an information box. (Depending on your computer or browser settings, you may need to side-scroll to see it.)

I AM IN LOVE!!!! Wowzers. Thanks for sharing

whats the stuff in the picture called?


This is so cool!! Thanks for posting!!

This ought to have been Featured when it was published. Sigh...

Oh my, what an interesting site.. and so many goodies. I know a number of people who would love to shop there.

zomg - my new favorite website

A lot of the products are not yet for sale, but these things are cool!


I spy toys...