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Awesome stuff you can do with high-speed internet? Answered

So I recently thought up the idea that I can get free high speed internet at the computers at the public library in town (I can only get dial-up at my house). I have to ride my bike a few kilometers to get into town but I can get like 100 KB/s!! Gah, I wish I'd thought of this a long time ago. When I went in yesterday I just downloaded a bunch of crap. I got 60 MB of stuff, mostly podcasts, in about ten minutes. That would've taken me over five hours to get on my dial-up. But is there any thing else that I should try, other than just downloading a buttload of stuff? I've never had broadband, so I'm kinda just dumbfounded by the possibilities.


we've come a long way since then...

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 11.53.59 PM.png

how did people live without broadband?????

. BTW, I know the feeling. I got access to a T1 (1.5Mbps) back when most of the 'Net was still text and 28.8Kb was FAST. I was flabbergasted by the speed. I'd be sitting there, waiting for a download that had already finished. LOL

I went to a summer engineering camp at K-State a few years back, and stayed in their dorms. One of the counselors mentioned in passing that all of the dorm rooms had free T-1 lines. At the time, we still had dial-up, but I'd heard of T-1, and I was amazed.

The later that summer, we got Cox High-Speed Internet. We only had the bottom-of-the-line service, but since the lines were old, they replaced a lot of them, and we now get about 1.3 Mbps. We're paying for about 100Kbps. Ha ha!

.. Download a web site grabber (eg, MultiPro) and then download sites for viewing at home.

"ripping" sites is considered impolite; it tends to push amateur and semi-pro sites over their bandwidth (MB/month) limits awfully quickly, causing them to be shut off for everyone else...

. Good point. Ignore my previous post.