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Awwww Dammit Answered

Dammit, I've been beaten to it. I didn't even realize there was a BQ contest until a few minutes ago. There's not many Questions either.. Will more be added ? Also will there be a non-math BQ round for those of us who wish to punch math square in the face ? P.s. do you like my new avatar ? i got sick of the paper robot staring at me so i whipped this up in photoshop :D


Are you kidding? Math is the one thing that makes any sense in this crazy world. It may not be the most interesting, but compare it to something like philosophy...nobody has ever gotten into a war over whether derivation or integration was better!

I hear you like multiplication, well, I happen to prefer division, therefore i must kill you!

Unfortunately, you have chosen a foregone conclusion. A house divided against itself cannot stand. A house multiplied by itself is RAISED in POWER! (Jeez, that was bad even for me!)

Wow, that took a while for me, I had to read it a couple times, but like a wounded solder I must retreat, *waves a white flag*

Well, I mean, outside of Instructables.com. Which was why I was fence sitting (even though we all know derivation is far superior).

Ah, V_M son, why limit yourself to one method when 2 will make sure you can do anything with math ? (gong sounds in the background) :-)

Yes, but... (holding head in hands) ...always C! Why must there always be C? Constants be cursed! (Actually, it's because I never really did get the hang of integrating more than one time in any operation...curse the integration iterations! You have found my secret!)

Be at peace grasshopper... The "C" can be fixed by working on a closed interval... (Okay, more like ignored)

That said, I think further down the road there should be some BQ contests for calculus questions, that would probably help quite a few people. Or just someone to write them without a contest. I would, but I have to take a refresher first (it's been a couple years, and it's not like I use it day to day...)

I hope there will be more BQ that don't relate math... What's the next contest that is coming up? I like your avatar, not bad... At first it looked like giant scissors that cut, separated the hand from the palm... :D I got a sick imagination, that's true!

are you gunna ask questions about everything...

Always asking questions. What's he say? Oh yeah, what. Always, just what, what?

More Fun! "Im Friggin Steve Jobs, I invented the Friggin iPod, Have You Heard Of it?"


Let me guess. You work for Microsoft, and just realized Apple is better

nope, im bill gates imitating Mister Sir Steve Jobs.... Vader

(removed by tinkerC's request )

(removed by comunity request)

Is my (removed by community request) sign good?

What is wrong whit this it sayes (removed by community request) to all 3 comments???

I wanted to see how well I could mimic it without looking at it.

Did I do a good job? Never say what your flaws are, only you will see them.

I was actually looking for the guy that was with Vegeta whenever he says it, but can't remember his name. So I just threw up a cat. Everybody likes funny looking cats right?

Nappa. His name is Nappa. Trust me on this, I'm a hardcore anime fan :-P

That's it. It's been forever since I have seen that show...