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I'm trying to build the HAWC bow by fred the penguin. Can someone tell me how to make the turret??????


I take it you're refering to this one?

Freddy actually has instructions for the turring in the ible itself...
If you're looking for more pictures on it, there's these two ibles:
TR18 turret
The TR18 itself
These should provide enough info to be able to build it. Just replace one layer of grey, two slot, connectors with the darker, one slot, variant.
Compare the turrets in the HAWC bow ible with the ones from the TR18 itself, and you'll see what Fred meant with the difference.

I've made a tr18 before but I was just wondering what to put in the middle of the turret. As I moved on in the instructable I figured out how to do it.


P.S. How do you post links like that in comments? Do you have to be a pro

Alrighty, no problem.

Linking in comments should be a standard feature.
If you're on a PC or laptop, just highlight the text, and select the link option in the menu that pops up.


I've built the gun but I'm not sure what bands to use. Currently I'm tying 2 #64s together and putting them onto the ratchet one at a time. With three of these tied bands, I can get ranges of about 30 feet, but can someone tell me how to get more range? Should I use more bands? I have tried using only single #64s but it is quite hard to put them onto the ratchet, as I am not as strong as you all, only 12 years old.

Have you tried asking Fred?