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Would anyone have a Basket liner pattern that I may use?

I have a large picnic basket with two flap openings at the top and would dearly like to line it so I can use it as a sewing basket.

If you can help me I would really appreciate it.

Or if you have any other ideas of how to pretty it up that would be great too.

Thanks for your time,



5 years ago

If your basket were in my living room, here’s what I would tell you to do to make a pattern.

Take a couple of paper bags, and flatten them out and get a roll of tape handy.

Cut one bag into 6 inch wide strips that are longer than the basket sides. I’d lay the strips inside the basket from bottom of the sides to top edge and beyond. I’d tape them together so they aren’t pleated (they will overlap, but that’s ok), but do cover the sides all the way down to the bottom.

When it’s all taped solidly together, I would poke holes around the bottom where it meets the sides. This is also the time to mark where the handles are = places where you can’t fold your fabric over the rim. Then mark the top rim.

Draw a straight line down from the edge all the way to the bottom. (This will be where your seam will be) About half way to the bottom, make a line across the top to bottom line (this is where you will match your seam) Now cut down the top to bottom line.

Carefully, take the paper out of the basket and flatten it out on your cutting board or floor. It should make a kind of fan or rainbow shape. It should lie flat. What you have is part of the pattern without seam allowances.

Next take another piece of bag and lay it inside covering the bottom. It should fold up the sides a little bit. Again trace/poke holes around the edge where it meets the sides. Mark the orientation to the ends of the basket. Take it out of the basket.

So at this point you should have an oval piece and a rainbow piece. Make sure they are solid and cut off the excess. Carefully put them back in the basket so they fit. Mark several points around the bottom and match those marks on the rainbow. These are the points you will have to match so that your handle spaces are in the right part of the rim.

Trace the pieces and the marks onto another piece of paper. Add seam allowances all the way around. That’s your basic pattern.

But now the fun part starts… Do you want pockets along the sides? Do you want padding? Do you want the fabric to stop before the top edge or fold over the top? Do you want a ruffle around the top on the outside?

Hope this helps.

Oh my goodness,
You have gone to great lengths to do this for me. You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you.
I appreciate your time ever so much. Even though you dont know me, you have spent your precious time on me. WOW no one has EVER done this type of thing for me.
Wish I had a friend like you.
Thanks again,

You are very welcome, Judy! And welcome to ibles! Sharing is what this site is about.

A couple more ideas occurred to me. If you extend the 'basic pattern' to be higher, you will have ruffle material with handle slots built in. You can just add the same number of inches all along the wide edge of the rainbow.

The easiest way to finish the edges would be to make a facing piece matching the extended pattern to well below the basket rim. Flare it out a bit at the hem line.

If you make slots (buttonholes?) in the extension part, you can run a ribbon through it, so the ruffle can be secured under the handles.


Thanks again....
The diagrams help a lot,
Will let you know how things go.
Have a lovely day,


5 years ago

This sounds like fun! Can you post a picture of the basket and its dimensions?

Thank you so very much for taking an interest in my project, The dimensions.... Inside base 12' long x 11" wide Across top Approx 20" Each flap 9" long 16" wide and the basket is 12" high These measurements do not include for a seam. Again, Thank you Judy