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BBC Magazine readers give 40 ways we still use floppies Answered

This fun article from the BBC website showcases readers' responses to Sony ceasing production of floppy disks.  There are 40 picked responses, many of which just talk about legacy hardware that still uses them for data storage, but some of them are easily 'ible-worthy.  Highlights:

1. I regularly buy floppy disks. I own a pub with a retro theme and I use them as beer mats.

4. Not as much a user as an owner of a great many floppies, I was planning to tile the roof of my shed with them (using the two existing corner holes to take the nails) until my wife forbade it.

13. I put handles on them and sell them as spatulas. I sell thousands of them a year.

18. I've always used an old floppy disk as an ice scraper for the car, just the right combination of rigidity and flexibility. Just don't use the side with the metal sleeve on. They last about a year before they need replacing from my endless pile from the 1990s.

28. Floppy disks are ideal "floppy table" stabilisers, whether in the dining room or on the patio. They are also good for wedges filling in gaps where wood has to be cut. I have also embossed them in a cement pathway in a splendid "talked about feature" as they are of no use whatsoever for storage.



I saw this on the beeb a few days ago, was definitely food for though, somewhere in the depths of my house must be around a thousand floppies and I should hit the external CD burner that was actually called MR BURNER... Despite only being 1X speed it's still good for the odd burn and never had a single error... 

My dad did a business grant thing when they were trying to get IT in to business years ago, given a two grand computer, something like a pentium 333mhz and a laptop. All floppy stuff at first, lots and lots of floppies. He also got the photo disks from Kodak when he was doing photography... Not sure if we kept them. 

...as they are of no use whatsoever for storage.

I dunno, looks to me like they store those pens pretty well.

Well i guess that it would take the same amount of floppys to store a mp3 song as to store 20 pencils

I like 6, 26, and 37. Cool.

 real cool idea, i have my  pen holder now

13 is so funny hehe...

i happen to have a spiral stack sitting on the corner of my desk now.