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BBC plays steampunk band's wax record with fuse wire and mint tin. Answered

Steampunk band The men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing have released a new single.

On wax.

The BBC heard about this, and built a machine to play it.  For techies, their build is not exactly... good.

The cylinder was recorded by Poppy Records with a mixture of digital computer techno-wizardry and a machine cobbled together from a video recorder and old arcade games.

Played on a properly-built machine, the recordings are surprisingly pleasant to listen to.


I don't understand why they started with a beer-can. when they had access to the guy who knew what he what doing.


ugh steampunk, when will it die


8 years ago

I rather like the conclusion to the article:

Despite that, there is comfort in knowing that being a hacker or a maker is a journey not a destination, and that no matter how high the shoulders you stand on, you'll never see over the horizon. It is consoling to realise that you, at least, have raised your eyes to the sky and are looking in the right direction.

That's brilliant, nice find!