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BBKWG2 Answered



9 years ago

sweet defiantly post soon because I have the gun built at this minute can't wait for it!

woooooo gonnna rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one of the few things I would build on this site(not that there are bad its just I like to build my own guns)

whens it coming? i really wanna build it!

please, post!

Alright I don't have enough pieces for the project I was hoping to do and I'm still waiting on some requests from my thread so I'm just going to go ahead and start modding this.

yay! less snowflakes!

yeah i doubt i can build v1 bcuz i only hane like 25ish snowflakes

might wanna make the stock a little longer. i put one on the original BBKWG and hit myself in the eye with the firing pin. or a guard maybe xD

Yeah, it should be a bit longer, but then it would lock in differently, but i'll try.

Looks pretty sweet. I didn't really care for the looks of the other one and considered modding it but it looks like you have it figured out!. There are a couple ideas that I have for my latest gun that I might let you use. Well first off I don't have an idea for this but you should figure out a fold out/ extending stock. If you could figure out how to make the magazine removable and yet strong it would be the perfect war gun not just the best.

Yeah, both of those things would be cool but simplicity is always better. This new version has a hand guard, so you can't get hit by the firing pin, the magazine is matsermind's and storm950's idea.

Well I guess I'll just have to take my turn at modding the gun. It would be a first as I never chose (yet) to mod a gun that I intend on posting if I have the permission to.

Permission granted. You can probably build this by the pics, the gun is almost the same except for the mag and hand guard. There are pics of the mag on the comments of the original and the hand guard is pretty simple.

Yup. Well this will have to wait until dsman and I finish our new SA. I'm about to post a topic on it. As soon as I'm done with that I'll most likely do this because I took an interest to small guns recently and so I want to make this all it can be.

Pretty cool but it isn't as clean as it could be. Still not bad though as folding stocks arn't common.

I just got an idea for a stock though, I could make it like a spas-12 stock, where the stock sits on top of the barrel, and it flips out.