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Got/Want Skills? Seeking Volunteer Intern/Apprentices - orphans preferred Answered

We're still looking for great people for Instructables. However, there are also some internship opportunities outside Instructables from our extended community. From the illustrious Tim:

I've got several dozen projects to instructable-ize. Come help me do that here in sunny Alameda, California.
There's no pay, but you'll get all the fancy bread and kombucha you can consume and learn a few new tricks in one of the most amazing workshops in the world. The projects involve skills ranging from sewing and caring for bacterial cultures to building computer-controlled machines.

Come try it out for a week or two and see if you like it.

Contact Tim Anderson
robot(at symbol, you know the thing)mit.edu


Looking for Remote Internship(Unpaid).

Work Experience: Embedded System Design, IoT& PCB Design.

Skills: ARM Programming, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Eagle, KiCAD, MATLAB.

I'd love to, but I'm doing a rather BIG instructable, so to speak... We have an 18C stone house and its enormous garden, OK, but we want to make it auto sustainable, or off-grd, with a few improvements... lol. First off we have to have help with the roof, or live in a shower room. Basic idea is to do a house earthship style... have you any instructables on this sort of crazy project?

Hello instrutables, can I get internship opportunities??

Are you looking for any virtual interns?

хочу работать у вас

Dear instrutables,I live in India.Can I get internship opportunities ?

hello instrutables! I am just wondering, do you have any office here at Philippines? thanks a lot! I want to know more and be one of your interns.

I see you're looking again - are you still on the old air-base?

Heh, sort of - my first forays into the internet, back in the last century, were researching for a large cross-curricular project I was putting together, to give a unifying theme to a whole cohort's lessons.

I chose kites, because they could be drawn and drawn on (art), made (technology), written about (literacy), their size and the angles of the string brought in numeracy, and the forces involved in flight brought in science.

If I recall, I even managed to bring in geography and history, as they looked at where in the world different kinds of kite came from, and how they had been used over the years.

Since people in general were advised to stay anonymous at the time (to prevent stalkers in the real world), I chose a name that went with the project.

I have also published a couple of kite-based instructables, if you have the time to trawl back through my projects.

Do I have to be under 18? Because if that is the case, I wold love to do this!

Do you folks have any "Volunteer Intern/Apprentices" opportunities in the South-West corner of Florida such as Naples??

The positions are usually at HQ, in San Francisco.

I would KILL for a chance to become an intern at Ibles. But I'm only 14 and would need the money to fly out there. And airport security probably wouldn't let me bring all of my inventions onto the plane.....Maybe a few things like my arduino board, but nothing fancy. like a pair of pliers. or a nine volt battery. Hopefuly you guys would help me with a couple things like that ;)


I am from India , can I also apply for Internship at InStRuCtAbLeS , I am a die hard fan of Instrutables.

plzz do let me know !!

Do you have to be over 18 to do this and can you do this for like a few day (1-3)
and can you get creidts for collage

Orphans prefered = D


6 years ago

I could fly there every 10 years or so for a staff meeting !!... am in SA ..JHB to be more precise !

RSA whoop whoop! It's only about an 18 hour flight to the USA, CA, SF...

I wish i could apply as your intern but my location is soooooo far from your office.

If there's an overpass nearby to sleep under and a sink to wash out my crusty drawers every morning.....then, heck yeah, why not? I desperately need a job.

All though I did not make that one, I use Photoshop and learned how to do at Good-Tutorials



10 years ago

Hey, I was just wondering how old you have to be to intern. If anyone could help me out.. thanks!

I wish someone would answer that.

im gonna take a shot here and guess old enough to not need parental or guardian consent? but if you are some wizkid you should totally ditch the rental units and go work for the mit guy. that's how dreams are made kid.

I work for kombucha!

I'm under eighteen, young, skinny, and wiry (aren't all nerds?)! I am willing to risk death (yay thermite) daily. But I'm not an expert rider, or an orphan, but willing to become both!

Then send him an email! (Gotta live close by though DX)


9 years ago

Two questions 1.how old do you have to be 2.I live in Colorado can I work remotely please answer these by e-mail at wam_jones@yahoo.co.uk

Check here for working remotely, and the internships I imagine would be the same as the joining age for Instructables; 13.

I'm so tempted to take all my vacation time and fly out there for an extended visit just to play in the workshop and learn some new skills! Sounds like fun.

Sounds cool and I'm right across the bridge from you guys. A paying gig would be better, but would this be OK as a part-time thing or is it only full?

Part time or even party time is fine, send me your contact info at robot(at sign)mit.edu and we'll start the gruelling interview/background checking process.

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hey to make the @ sign just hold shift and press 2. i noticed that you just put at sign in parentheses so i just decided to help.

He says "(at sign)" instead of "@" to prevent spambots from stealing his email address.

Wow, is this how fungus amungus started out as a content manager?

I wouldn't be suprised about anyones job on here, most people i know about are high school or college, some are just weirdos and i guess others are lcuky and have access to the tech, science they look up and instructable on here...