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BIKE REPAIR STAND: How about a low cost, easy to build, bike repair/cleaning stand? Answered

It should hold the bike off the ground and tight so it does not move around while you work on it.  I was thinking of using half inch pipe stuck in a five gal bucket filled with cement, but I could not come up with a good clamp idea.  BTW, the clamp should not mar the paint job.



Use a bike rack that  attaches to the tow bar of a car (for transporting bikes) or at least copy the clamp design. Maybe you could get a used one from somewhere and embed it in the cement.

If you make 3 holes around  the bucket near it's base to insert some pieces of pipe as stabilisers, maybe a couple of feet long, it should be OK.

Also, you could attach wheels to the base pipes and make your stand easy to move. Or perhaps use the base of an old office chair with wheels (casters) to attach the rack to, and it will move and swivel.

Here are 8 good suggestions.

the bucket filled with cement won't be stable enough.  You need a much wider base as demonstrated in the examples.

If you don't see anything that strikes your fancy, google "diy bike repair stand" for lots more ideas.