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BLACKROD's Current K'nexWorkshop Answered

I thought some of you K'nex people might find this fun to look at. I just finished the Cyclone. Currently I'm putting on different rubber bands, as you can see in the picture. Enjoy.


pfffft, who uses stereo's anymore

At least you have an electric guitar to protect you from 'nerd' status. Many of us are less fortunate. xD Pretty cool room. It makes me want to do some pictures of mine.

Aside from k'nex and nerf guns, I'm not really a nerd. I actually shop at Abercrombie and Fitch! lol. And I have a girlfriend. Um, I listen to alot of music too. And, I love MTV, Comedy Central, and Vh1. so ha! lol

dude u sound just like me except ambercrombie and fitch *shudder*

ya well im not a nerd either because i have a girl friend ..well i dont play the guitar but i do have 78 friends on my on my aim acount.. yay im popular ! lol and i watch all the channels you watch so ha!! im not a nerd either aside from building knex

your lucky you have a girl there is only one girl i like but one of my best freinds took her and he doesnt even like her. how do i know? I asked him if he liked her and he said no then i said that i do and he said that he does

oh no after that we got alright with each other but the worst part was when i rote the poem sayin :roses r red violets r blue not even a thousand floweres are as pretty as you

my poem is not cheesy because she told me she loved it

ok post a pic of your girlfriend for me (just to see how luck you are )

here she is dumping water on me she looks younger but shes not


Hm.... BY THE WAY! Can you guys please talk to eachother on another service like an instant messenger or something. Cause yesterday and the day before I got liek 100 Emails in my inbox. So, I was online doing something and every couple of minutes or whatever, a notification window in my taskbar popped up saying things like "cool" and "she has a nice body" Anyways, just talk somewhere else. lol Please I'm begging you lol

baron if you want to talk to me talk to me on my orange board

.......................how old are you then?

ya i go to the beach alot but that was uncomfortable in the sand

thanks i know lol does that girl you like like you?

a litle bit. acutally i think so we went to rost marshmellos and tht was are only date but it got cancled because while she was gone my mom came and took me back to our camper (we were at a campground)

you dont know what i look like and i dont think she knows what emo is?

ya i was about to say that and she doesnt know what emo is

oh i thought it was natural is one of your parents black?

actually my parents are white but my grandparents are italian and kind of tan