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BMSS-62v2.5 - ??? Answered

I have decided to make a forum topic for the BMSS-62 so that I can keep updating you guys on new versions of the gun. Right now there is v2.5, v2.8, and v2.9. Here are the pictures.

v1.0: I made a good breech-mag barrel combo with no trigger.
v2.0 Used the breech-mag combo and added body with trigger.
v2.2 added stock.
v2.5 Added handle and reinforced mag the barrel.
v2.8 Added bendys to make the gun look better. It is now able to hold dsman1's sidearm on the side.
v2.9 Fixed the handle guard and made the handle comfier.


That doesn't mean this isn't (insert opinion of gun here).

Yeah, it just means that nobody cares.

looks cool alot of bendy ones on it but who cares it looks cool

why has this only got 2 comments? this looks great!

Because before there was a slideshow, so most of the comments were there, I destroyed this anyway.


10 years ago


Yep, I was having fun and putting bendys everywhere.