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BMW Projects and others Answered

Well, I am a BMW lover and if you are a BMW fan or have a project on BMW, please post on this topic on this forum.



I really like BMW's technology and style of cars.THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah they are exactly what they say....The Ultimate Driving Experience

Female DIY-BMW M3 Enthusiast...I had a 87 325is M3 coupe that lasted me 600,000 miles and I currently own a 98 M3 convertible that I am enjoying learning all about...I have many problems to solve on it that are little and time consuming but I am slowly getting them done....but as soon as I get one fixed....damned if 3 more don't pop up....LOL but I love it and have a couple of major DIY tasks to do such as Replacing my top with the new top I just bought .... it will be a project from the research Not hard but consuming...I have yet to see a video for this so when I do it I am going to video the entire process


7 years ago

I'll join!! My fleet includes a 2003 BMW Z4 and an engine-less 1996 BMW Z3 that's currently waiting for an electric motor to go in. The Z4 has an M54 I-6 2.5L, with a 5sp manual, and the Z3 will be recieveing a 100Kw electric motor, 150Kw controller, 30 kw 450 traction pack, and tons of other goodies. You might be seeing an instructable on the conversion in the next year or two... ;-)


And can't wait to see the instructable


8 years ago

Hey, thanks for starting this group, Timmy.

My name is David. I'm from Perth Western Australia.

My pride and joy is my '92 320i (24 Valve - 6 Cylinder) with 150k km's (under 100k miles on the clock), which uses Premium (95 RON) petrol.

Just back from a 1000km trip  in the countryside and I got a remarkable 35.8 MPG at 110kph (Imperial gallon is 4.54 Litres Vs 3.5 Litres for a US Gallon) .

I should see 41-42 MPG on 98 RON fuel.
I think that is remarkable for a 6 cylider car, driven normally !

At the time of writing, here in West Aussie, Premium petrol (Gas) costs AU$1.30 per litre. That is about USD 4.00 a US Gallon.

I've had the car only a few months but have changed the A/C Condenser, all fluids and filters and have changed over to clear tail lights and running lights. I have also had the front resprayed, refurbished Power window switches and replaced the T-Bar auto handle and rear view mirror. Lastly I changed the high beams over to 100watt halogen globes and fitted blue tint argon gas low beams. TIP: if you upgrade to 100 watt High beams, upgrade the fuses from 7.5amp to 10 amp. The wiring on my car does not heat up, but no guarantees on your car...

Now I wish I had taken decent pics so I could have done an instructable, but such is life.

I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's instructables.

Thanks for letting me join your group Timmy !

- David


Ha! I can barely afford a used vw!

Hyundai's are relatively inexpensive for a new car. We have an Elantra` and the warrantee is a life saver for sure.

I want the vw because it is diesel. 48mpg!

That may be, and I guess you don't have the problem in your "section of the country" we do here, but locally, it is nearly impossible to get diesel anymore, and when you can, the prices are so much higher than gasoline it is crazy. At one time the opposite was true *sigh*

I live in Santa fe, NM, and every car here is either a diesel, a hybrid or a truck. Diesel is way over priced in America. In Iran gas is 40 cents per gallon, and diesel is 10. Here diesel is usually higher than gas.

Yeah, I have a Deisel 4x4 and it gets about 26 mpg. But with deisel nearly a buck a gallon higher than gas, it's sitting parked for now.

Yes, in my area, much higher. So much so that it doesn't pay to have a small diesel anymore (you would have to get nearly 80 mpg to justify it). Not so long ago, it was so much cheaper then gas too.

Wait what is NM and abbreviation in what state. Here in California, we have a lot of cities with Santa and I think we have a Santa Fe in California.

NM = New Mexico

Santa Fe is just north of Albuquerque but south-east of Los Alamos

Oh because it is so hot over there right? And it's really dry over there.

I am not sure. I live in Pennsylvania myself. LinuxH4x0r is in NM.

Me too! My uncle has an old Rabbit that gets over 50mpg!

Really? How? It is because when my parents drive by the gas station, I see that they have diesel available. I think they have to have a special one to fill up your tank with diesel.

If you guys have any people that are a member in instructables that are fans of BMW or if you guys wantt to join, just join.

A friend of mine has been a master mechanic with BMW (and of course drives a bimmer) for quite a few years now.

I know! It feels like that it will be like about 30.00 -50.00 for a full tank of diesel and that usually diesel engines release 40 toxic chemicals known to the state of Calfiornia, but the BMW diesel engine doesn't. It has like the same MPG as the smart car. Feels like it will cost a lot like the x6.

Do you guys want to join my BMW fans group?