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BOSEbuild Design Challenge Answered

The BOSEbuild Design Challenge encourages creative expression through the creation of 3D printable designs for the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube.

The Speaker Cube is a build-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker engineered for curious minds. It allows for hands-on exploration of how a magnet and coil work together to make a speaker work.

The finished Speaker Cube is built from a clip and panel system. You can design your own custom clips and panels and silhouette covers to be 3D printed to create a whole new personality for your finished speaker. And the best part is, the speaker will still work and sound great!

The Design Challenge will run from June 19 to July 31, 2017. The winning entries will win an Ultimaker 3D printer, BOSEbuild Speaker Cubes, or Bose Headphones.

This forum topic is for the discussion of any questions you have about the Speaker Cube, creating your own custom designs and any other questions you have about the design challenge.

We are excited to see what creations you come up with.


Hey Alamtania, I was a runner up in the same competition. Your design is great I would love to see an instructable on how you made it.

i'm not angry or anything like this but, why select as finalist a design for more than two opposing sides of the bose speaker?

Unfortunaly I misread the due date and thoiught it was tomorrow and could not submit my model.

BOSE 001.jpg

Hi Penolopy,

My designed is contained in 3 .stl files, one for the bottom plate design, one for the top plate design, and then a part the attaches to the top plate design. I understand that with the way that entry is set up, only 1 design file is uploaded under "Design Files." Does it matter which one I upload to this section? If I upload the other 2 to the "Image files" section, they will be considered for judging right? Thanks for your help.


12 months ago

I submited 2 entries and it says i have only one....

And the entry than doesn't show was the first one that i submited. At first it was accepted and i could see it, but when i submited the second it got lost when the second was accepted! The first was "World Music" and the second was "World Music 2"

Χωρίς τίτλο.jpg

Since the design challenges are still new formats, we've been running into some issues. Unfortunetly, I can't say for sure what happened to your first entry, but I see you've resubmitted it and I went ahead and accepted it so you should be good to go! I'm sorry for the difficulty you've encountered. Hopefully it won't happen again!

Hi, In your opinion what would a Grand Prize winning model be like design wise?

It would be an entry where someone designed two opposing sides of the BOSE speaker and the entry would have 3D printable files. Other than that, there is no way to know at this point.

Hi I made an entry, which has been accepted (Big Ben Bosebuild). I originally posted one image but then deleted it and replaced it with another image. on the entry page it shows the new image but on the thumbnail for the entry it still shows the original image. Is there a way to rectify this?

I don't think you can update the thumbnail at this time since the format is still relatily new and we are working out the kinks.

I am unable to upload my design that I made using Tinkercad. I have saved the file as a document on my pc, and have filled out all of the boxes indicated. However, upon submitting it to be entered, a message in red tells me to, "please complete all fields!"

Can you take a screenshot and share that here or email it to service@Instructables.com so we can see what you see? Also, you could try clearing your cache and cookies and trying again. We had many updates added to the site recently and that might be the issue you are encountering.

Hello, I have a couple of ideas for the contest. But my question is how do you exactly design the silhouette covers from what resource you gave us?

Thank you

You can download the start files as provided on the Contest page and then it is up to you to use whatever 3D modeling software you like to decorate 2 opposing panels any way you like :)

To be eligible for the Fusion special prize, do we need to submit .f3d file or .iges will do?

I can't guarentee anything, but it would be wise to stick with .f3d.

Hi, I had 2 STL files and I couldn't upload it together. I upload those separately..is that okay??!! Thanks

As seperate entries? You can upload all additional STLs in the same section that you upload your images.

I'm from Peru and wish to enter, but my country isn't listed. Is there anything I can do? Maybe give a friend or relative address in the US?

Hello, I have a few questions about the challenge :
- The design I have in mind involves creating a Fusion 360 script/add-in (or at least, the end user would benefit from it) : does it qualify for the contest ? If yes, can I upload a zip file with the script, a readme text file and the STL I created using it ?
- I actually have a couple (4/5) of ideas of covers that I want to do around the same theme, all of them designed to be used alone : is it okay to submit them as a "collection" in a single entry (as long as they can be used alone) or must I submit multiple entries to the contest ?
Thanks in advance !

You may submit multiple entries. To be honest, we have not received any nor have we worked with submissions with scripts. We are interested to see what you come up with. Scripts certainly does not violate the rules of the contest.
Our goal, in the end, is to have the best ideas be made available as a downloadable library of 3D printable parts for the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube. So I hope that your submissions with scripts can be used to generate such output.
Looking forward to seeing your submission(s)

Am I allowed to us more than one color in my designs?

Yes. That is OK. We have two filament printers and if need be - can also mask an paint parts with multiple colors. Thanks for asking. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Is it possible for me to use two Speaker-Cubes at a time?

Unfortunately no. This is a challenge for a single BOSEbuild Speaker Cube.
Thanks for asking.

Hi! Just to clarify, are we modifying each panel's individual files (BBCube_blankPanel.stl, etc.) or are we modifying the assembled file (BBCube_Simplified.f3d)? Or does it not matter? Also, does the final design need to include the clips? I noticed several submissions that don't appear to have the clips included.


Your design should modify the individual panels, following the rules laid out in the contest guidelines (only modify two opposing sides, leave enough space for the clips, etc). You should upload the part files (preferably .stl format) that we would need to print your design, and you can also include the complete assembly file of the cube if you wish. As long as you ensure that the clips can fit on your design, it is not necessary to include them in the image, though it would be appreciated so we know that you have thought about how they fit into your design.

Thank you,

Thanks for your question. While we like seeing the render of the finished cube with your design modification, ideally what we are looking for is the CAD of the modified parts. These parts, if 3D printed and assembled with the rest of the cube, would result in the modified design.

As an example, I include here a rendering of the googlie eye character, along with the two parts that we would want submitted along with the overall render.

googley wireframe.pngRender_Googlie_Eyes.jpg

Thank you for your submission. It is certainly eligible and is very clever. What we would want is an export, in addition to the whole phone booth, a separate export of just the top panel and the bottom panel. You can select each part and just export the selected panel.

As for specific Fusion360 Instructions for how to do that, let me try to get someone with direct Fusion360 experience to offer some pointers.

Thank you for clarifying.

I have uploaded a zip file which contains separate STL's for the bottom panel, top panel and the whole design. Is that enough or something more is required?

Can you see how many votes you have for your design???

Hello, I downloaded the .STL files of the BOSEbuild from the page of the contest and I found that the unit of measure is meters instead of millimeters and i think will be a problem when the pieces are going to print.

It's also a problem for me to drawing because I use SolidWorks; can I have the modified pieces with the correct unit of measure?

Thank you

I will do my best and hope this helps. I am not sure this will help as the files I opened in Rhino show up as in mm.

I enclose a link to a ZIP file with the simplified cube, and the individual parts of the SidePanel and Clip. I have them in both STP and STL. All are in mm to the best of my ability to specify that. I hope this can help.


Thank you very much, the STP files are perfect and I used them to do my work. I'll publish it soon.
Thanks for the help!

I am sorry you are having trouble with our STL's. When we import them in to our CAD programs (not SolidWorks but NX, and Rhino), we have no trouble bringing it in as millimeters.

Can I ask you to check if it is coming in as meters, might you just simply select the object and scale it by 0.001?

Also, perhaps you can import it in to a Solidworks projects that is set up with units that match the file.

I hope this can help address you situation as I am not sure we are seeing the same issue you are seeing on our end.

Thank you for answer me.
Yes, I tried to scale the object but this is blocked because it is imported and I can't transform it or scale it.
Now I'm downloading the trial version of Rhino to try to solve the problem.
With SolidWorks I tried everything to change the scale of the file but the result is nothing.
If you can send me the same file but with millimeters instead of meters, I'll enjoy it.
Thank you in advance

How do you see how many votes someone has if you voted for him/her ???

you cant, the creator of the instructable or the people that voted can not see the count

I am interested is this contest, but I have a few questions. First, do you have to print the thing out to make sure it fits/works, or can you just make the file? Second, is there a file that gives you the exact measurements of the cube? Third, how do you make the 'tabs' that you enter into this contest?

1. You do not need to print anything. Just design it.

2. Their website says the cube is 4.75” x 4.75” x 4.75” I'm not sure of anything more exact than that.

3. What tabs are you referring to? The clips that hold the plates on the speaker? Those are included when people buy the speaker and do not need to be designed.