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More Transparency In Contest Judging Answered

Would it be possible to start including the judges notes and vote tallies for contest winners?

I think this bring quite a bit of transparency to what is a somewhat confusing process. It would also help explain away some sour grapes;  why a left field project beat out a more in-line project for example.



1 year ago

This was suggested several times already, including by myself but I doubt we will get this type of feedback.
I judged in several contests on a user level, which basically helps to select the finalists.
There we have no option to enter any really meaningful comments that would reflect why the various ratings were given or why someone thinks it could be a winner.
If anywhere then after this first judging stage the people who actually select the winners could and should be able to leave such comments.
Maybe if we keep requesting it will happen one day?

One day.... ;)

Handsome MattDownunder35m

Reply 1 year ago

I've never understood why sites who need depend on their users for content don't listen to said users. It makes no sense to me whatsoever