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BTPA-7 Answered

 This is my newest project-the BTPA-7.  BTPA stands for bullet transfer pump action.  This gun brings out the new year of innovation, as it is my most innovative and successful gun yet.  It is a bolt action gun, making for superior efficiency, combined with a pump, making for a high ROF.  Unlike other bolt action guns, however, this gun uses a pusher to transfer the bullet to the firing chamber, and also unique to other bolt action guns, the bullet stays there until it is fired, no matter how you shake or tilt it.  Right now I have most of it done, but do not have the pieces for the ram guide, which is crucial to making the gun fire successfully, keeping the ram in tact as it is pulled back.  

Here is a video of the bullet transfer system:

And here is a video of the gun with the pump (I also removed some pieces that were getting in the way of the trigger so now it works perfectly)

Let me know what you think.



7 years ago

in does not push bullet far enough


7 years ago

Have you ever heard this song?

"I'm awesome!"
"No you're not dude don't lie."
"I'm awesome!"

BPTA-7 Remix:

"This gun's awesome!"
"No it's not dude don't lie."
"It's awesome!"

Personally, I think it's awesome.


7 years ago

Alright, is this going to be posted?


7 years ago

ive built it from the pump to the mag but im stuck


ok so the pump pushes the ram back aswell? and this is super awesome and i rated 5* and u should add a stock if u can


7 years ago

im going to build

Hey Kinetic, do you think you could ever build the BTPA-7 again if you had bought more k'nex and had another chance of making it and posted instructions for it?

'also unique to other bolt action guns, the bullet stays there until it is fired'

Zak's has a bullet lock...

 Good job.  Perhaps a better word would be most?  

Are you going to post this?  I think I saw you say on another topic that you weren't, but would post the Vice CKG?

 No this was taken apart long ago.  I thought the cut piece count was too high for most people.  I have the pics already taken for the VICE but I cant find my adapter so i cant upload them at the moment.

I like how every "true" bolt action KNEX gun (Knex being the important word) uses a "pusher" to load the bullet...

Also, it's a slide action repeater? I don't see it firing shot?

 I had a feeling YOU weren't going to say anything positive...

This is the only knex bolt action that uses a pusher, thats why I said in the video it wasn't really bolt action, it just separates the bullet into a separate chamber, giving it amazing efficiency. 

If you watched the first video, you would see that it shoots perfectly, and with great efficiency, and I made it clear in the second vid that I wasn't shooting it because the pin will break without a pin guide.  

I merely pointed out the things that needed to be changed.

"Seperate chamber" in most cases is the barrel, it's seperate from the mag, no?

Also, I never said it didn't shoot, I said it didn't shoot shot.

Would you rather me say what you want to hear or speak the truth?

It's a good gun, and a brilliant idea, but some things are wrong. If you made it abit thinner height wise I'd like it alot more. I like the gun, but still, as you said, I don't say things positive, 'cause it wasn't rated 5* from me that means that I hate it, right?

Rofl. Him "over criticizing"? You're the one criticizing him on how to criticize. That's what's bad here. He's doing a good critic's job. He's telling everything he doesn't like and what he could do to improve it. I don't see anything wrong with that. I hate all of you who don't have the balls to say the one thing you don't like about a gun and rate it below 5 stars. The other stars were meant to be used. I don't think one gun has truly earned 5 stars. Most of them would probably be around 2.5-3 because they're average. Thanks to the ible averaging system, we don't get overrated ibles too often.

And you know what i do have the balls to point out things i dont like about it like how it uses over 20 broken parts thats it thats the only thing besides from it not having a stock but that would not be his fault for not haveing the peices.

I just counted-7 are mandatory, 11 if you want it to be less flimsy.  I would suggest using a longer rod, such as a rod rod, since they are rarely used and people tend to have many of them, and just cut into several pieces.  Is it working well for you?  If you have any problems let me know-the ible will be up as soon as i get the pieces for the stock, which should be soon.  

Lol. A rod rod. I think you mean RED rod. :-P

 Haha oh yeah my bad

 I think it would be a great gun to have, if you already have the broken pieces needed and are ability to build it correctly from the pictures shown.  I would recommend building the VICE instead, however.  It should be up sometime this week-I have all the pics taken but cant find my adapter.

I have the Vice CKG built now!
I don't know if I have the parts now to build.

Broke it got 5 feet in range would not load un less i manually did it. Try and shorten the gun its too big for a stock and any way for conecting a stock is going to be flimsy ive tried.

 Sorry man all I can say is that it wasn't built right, and I don't blame you.  I didn't really expect anyone to be able to do it successfully with the pics I provided. Give it a try when the ible comes you-I'm sure you'll love it.

Have you thought of any way of shortening it with out causing problems? Its way too big for a stock.

 If I shortened it, the pull back would be decreased, and I would either have to use a different trigger that is further up(which I have tried to do, and so far am unsuccessful), or shorten the firing pin, which would decrease its power.  DJ did suggest putting a handle on the pump, which mould probably make it more comfortable to hold.

Im not talking about making it more comfortable im just saying most people with normal length arms are not going to be able to holt it with a stock.

You mean children? And I swear a lot of people did just fine with the KS

No people most people dont have that kind of reach im 5.8 in height and my arms are little short for my height. As for the knexsayer it was more evenly perportioned and i built it it fit me exellently.

 Heh...yeah...  You probably get rid of some of the broken pieces in the barrel, and the one in the back, but it would make the gun a little flimsy, so aboul 11 broken pieces :P

He said nothing good about it he pretty much shot down every single thing he said. He doesnt need to improve it it functions great and looks great. He says it not bolt action yet its close enough because a susher pushed the bullet into a seperate chamber. He complete stomps on everyones parade whenever he gets a chance.

Yeah? Zak did the same thing to my Oodast. He didn't mention one good thing about it. He just criticized every tiniest thing that we wouldn't even normally consider. And you know what? I got over it. I learned what I did wrong and now I'll make sure to make my next gun, if ever, better.
Oh and by the way It's a good gun, and a brilliant idea, but some things are wrong. If you made it abit thinner height wise I'd like it alot more. I like the gun... So technically you're wrong. He did say something good about it. It's a couple more things than Zak said...

Yes i know its not very encouraging though someone poing out ever single tiny little problem on a gun that they have not even built. He spent more time ragging on it then he did pointing out things that he did like you know I just find it rude to complain about a gun that much then say nothing about it that you like.

There are alot of things I really like about this gun.

Ok, I was just saying that is was a possibility, considering you didn't state that beforehand.

It's also a possibility that he did indeed like the gun but didn't actually say anything about that at first and just wanted to criticize what needed criticizing. Why don't people consider that? It seems like we always want the bad to happen. We love the drama it causes.

 Well in that case, thanks.  Sorry this had to turn into an argument.

Does that matter? You said it wasn't perfect so now everyone hates you =P

lol it's a great ego booster but otherwise rather useless to say what you like about a gun. I suppose you can tell them what to keep no matter what. You do more good by telling them everything they should change. And again Dylan did say he would like it. He's not completely bashing the design and saying it's worthless much like some people would do. I think it's rude when someone judges someone for someone else (that's kind of confusing). If Kinetic has a problem with Dylan he'll tell him.

 I am not really caring what he says about my design (although I admit I was being a little over-defensive about it), but what pisses me off is that he does this to everyone.  I just have a bad history with him, thats mostly why I said what I did.

 A good critic will say what he doesn't like, why he doesn't like it, and suggestions to make it better.  All he did was the first one.  To be perfectly honest, I probably would have taken what he said into account if it was anyone else talking, but he does this to everyone, whenever he gets the chance, and that pisses me off.  

Dude, its a forum, I don't give a crap about the rating, but I do care about annoying and unnecessary criticism, which is something you tend to do a lot.

In this gun, there is a completely different chamber that is above the mag, which is where the bullet is transferred to as you pump it.

And I am sorry that I misunderstood you about shooting shot, though that would be almost impossible using this system, as it would require shells.

I am not trying to sound cocky, but there is nothing wrong with this gun at all, but as with everything, there is still room for improvement.  You may not have said exactly what I wanted to hear, but that doesn't mean you spoke the truth either.  Next time make sure you understand what the purpose of something actually is before you say something.


8 years ago

I think i will build when I'm done building you're Vice CKG!

Dang this is compicated, you could build from these pictures?

looks like a shotgun :).

 As soon as I finish my assault rifle, that should be soon.