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BUILD BLUETOOTH WEBCAM. It is possible to build a bluetooth webcam from a normal USB webcam? I saw they sell one for mac Answered


They only put that much time and money into it because they wanted to keep it small and nice looking. If you dont mind bulky, then you can do this. Though not via bluetooth, i have seen homebrew wireless webcams. It effectivley amounted to a wireless router rigged up to connect to the webcam and then attached to a rather heavy battery pack.

If i remember corectly, there was a R/C mod on this site for doing this o a large remote controlled truck. If i can find the linki will post it here.


8 years ago

no. just plain no 

Actually it quite possible, you can make USB? and serial links via a blue tooth adapter by simply modifying the settings you would also have to probably make a few mods to power the webcam and the blue tooth connection. But with a lil work you could do it . http://www.acroname.com/garcia/tutorials/bluetooth/connection/connection.html


Apple sells one because they put hundreds or thousands of engineer-hours into getting the right hardware and programming to get that specific set of components working together.  Starting with a webcam and adding an interface it wasn't designed for is definitely possible...if you have thousands of professional engineer hours to drop on the project.