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Back-room inventors' contest. Answered

From the Popular Science website:

World-changing devices don't need to come from big labs funded with big money. Sometimes radical technological innovations roll, whir, or fly out of basements and garages.

Do you know you've invented something that's poised to disrupt a market, or have you toiled building prototype after prototype in your home workshop to prove your idea works? Whether you're a professional engineer working on a self-funded side project, a hobbyist who has launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to refine your gadget, or an obsessive teenager who's built a sellable product in your bedroom, please tell us about it! Enter the seventh annual Popular Science Invention Awards.

We’re looking for game-changing products developed by passionate, independent inventors -- not academic or corporate R&D labs. Popular Science editors will pick 10 entries that best represent the spirit of homegrown ingenuity and solve real-world problems in a practical, innovative way. Then, in our May 2013 issue, seven million readers will get the first look at the winners.

This is right up your street, Instructablers, because you have to make a thing, that you can show working, and you are not allowed to enter if you have a commercial or university research department backing you up.

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5 years ago

"No big laboratory is needed in which to think."
-Nikola Tesla


5 years ago

Jan 14 of THIS YEAR ? Not a lot of time, unless one has a work in progress already. And I have been very much overwhelmed, time-wise, in helping a youngster with Science concepts (she is nearly 9 but is beyond a 4th grader in this field and her parents can't quite keep up in this one area, while she's home schooled - it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my entire life).