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Backlight problems? Answered

The backlight on my computer monitor turns off 2 seconds after turning on the monitor.



Best Answer 7 years ago

The inverter is fried -- 2 repair options:
1) search the inverter board for the most likely culrpit: bad capacitors. They are obvious; instead of being shiny metal with scored marks in it, it will be bulged, or even popped open with black or white residue from the leaking gasses. -- With a soldering iron they are easy and cheap to replace.

2) replace the inverter board. Find a suitable 'broken' donor monitor by part number, and score a good deal on ebay or craigslist for it.

Yeah that's what I thought I just didn't what to open it up unless I had to.

Great news I replaced the caps and it works perfectly now! Thanks frollard.

Yeah I actually opened it up yesterday. It has 5 bad caps and one bad resistor.

Yep, happened to one of my monitors and a friend who knows what he is doing replaced 5 or 6 capacitors on the inverter board for me. Cost me seven dollars for the capacitors.