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Backpack Welder Answered

Check out this awesome backpack welder; I saw it in a Farm Show magazine.  It would be fun if someone made an Instructable of one of these.


It's much easier to carry a battery and a pair of jumpercables. It's cheaper, light weight and you don't need the noise of the engine and to carry gas for it.
Anyway, for what I understood of that, It's just a chainsaw engine coupled to a car alternator with a pair of cables from it, in case you still want to build it.

*snicker* How much does that thing weigh? Does it actually work?? Please don't tell me that is a bunch of "steampunk" junk hot glued together!

If you check out the link in the topic - 65lbs, not including the heavy gas jug you would need to carry along also.

The vendor does seem to market it like an "As Seen onTV" product.  I am not a welder but claims of 100%duty cycle may be overrating it much. 

Thanks, hadn't noticed the link. I agree, 100% duty cycle is only common on the bigger gas powered units, even if the engine is capable, how long would a alternator that size be capable of putting out full power??

Just imagine the cyberpunk hand-to-hand combat possibilities!

What about steampunk.....or just add a trebuchet and go medieval on their...

"What about steampunk"  Ummmm....because the thing isn't steam powered?  Or maybe because the Victorian's didn't use electric welders?  Best watch it there, pops, or I'll go all medieval on .... something, something ...

oooo, oooo, I got tripped by my attacker and accidently spot welded my titanium armor plated shoes to the floor, help, I've fallen and can't get up...

Yeah but the Victorians didn't hot glue together a bunch of plastic junk and cover it with gold and copper paint either.