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Bad inverter board on Samsung 214T? Answered

I have a Samsung 214T that has the dreaded dark screen, I can see the image on the screen when shining a light into the screen. Was wondering if any one knows of other LCD monitors that have the same inverter board, so I can watch for one being sold with a cracked or bad screen.


i have the 214t monitor. i change the caps following the tips, but now, the monitor turn on and after 6 seconds turn black image, if i off and on the monitor, same process... what can be??


8 years ago


We have a full dis-assemble guide for this unit posted on our web site at:



9 years ago

The power supply board is usually the culprit. Samsung offers a replacement board, but if you can solder, fix it yourself. There are 7 electrolytic capacitors on the board (available from DigiKey). Replace them all, as they are equally old and equally heat-soaked. I bought enough for 10 for about $9.00 per monitor (all 7 caps), parts cost. Three monitors have been repaired from our stock. This monitor (we bought 38) had a high failure rate under warranty. 100%, to be exact. After the warranty expired, I started fixing them myself. The bezel snaps off the front and back. Start at the switch cluster (you will see a smal hole to start prying at), and be careful of the wire plug on that little switch board. Work your way around the frame with a blunt, small screwdriver, prying the front away from the back. Both come away from the "guts". Six screws hold the inner back on, 5 screws and 5 wires (all pluggable) need to be removed from the power supply board. Swap the caps, gluing the 450V unit in with RTV. reassemble, and you are good to go. Typical safety rules apply. If you don't know what you are doing, don't do it. Takes me less than an hour to do one.

I had the same problem - these instructions worked great. As the other poster wrote, I did not replace the big capacitor, only the other 6 smaller ones. I ordered the parts from digikey. Thanks!

Many thanks for this post , I followed your guide , and my monitors now working fine , I never changed the very big capacitor , but i changed the other 6 ( bought from RS Components in the U.K.) .. You saved me a few hundred pounds on a new monitor , thanks again;-)

Hi, Do you have a list of the correct product numbers to order from RS? Thanks Martin

i ordered , (572198) FC radial elec cap 47uF 50V 5 EA (3150568) FC radial elec cap, 330uF 25V 5 EA (571290) FK radial elec cap 820uF 25V 5 EA I had to order 5 of each as this was minimum order , but you need 3 of 1 type a 2 of another anyway .. hope it helps ..