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Bag labelled Kandis? Answered

So today i got a bag ,  one of the things inside was a small bag labelled "Kandis", with the numbers 0000. Inside are large clear/white crystals about 1 cm2. The crystal structure is monoclinic. As in square with angled edges. If anyone can tell me what these are, i would be very grateful.



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Its sugar crystals, some are clear and others are an amber color. Pour hot tea over them and they crackle. i presume the number designation refers the size of the crystals


7 years ago

The closest equivalent product in the U.S. is 'rock candy', also called "rock sugar" or "candied sugar". It can be found in supermarkets in the baking section, where it is sold in small boxes like other baking ingredients used in small amounts.
for lots about rock candy.

When I was a kid (60s-70s) the box of rock candy actually contained strings with the sugar crystals on it. (Maybe it is still sold this way for all I know.) You could suck the sugar off the strings if given a piece as a treat, or moms would give kids the task of crushing the rock candy a bit and removing the string (which the kids then could suck), and the resulting crushed crystals would be sprinkled on baked goods. Sprinkled in the later baking stages it would make an interesting-textured sugar glaze, or when the baked goods were out of the oven and partly cooled it could be sprinkled on for a sweet crunchy topping.

In Germany rock candy/rock sugar, called Kandis or Kandiszucker there, is popular with tea, especially in East Frisia where they have a developed tea culture. (Their tea culture started in the early days of tea trading, like British tea culture, but is distinct.)

I also remember, as a kid, making rock candy at home as a science project. The Wikipedia article linked above has a link describing how to do this.

Burf deserves "Best Answer" for being first, and giving recipe instructions on top of it! This question itself deserves Featuring, for nothing more than properly using "monoclinic" in a sentence :-) Thank you for raising the level of I'bles Questions by at least an order of magnitude.