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Bait & Switch Answered

Thanks for the Bait & Switch....

Page prices for quarterly are shown as $3.95 per quarter. So I selected it, as it would be cheaper than the 2 year term over the same period.

Got to checkout and it was switched to $11.95 a quarter.....so I was forced to purchase the 2 year plan....trying to save a few dollars on the subscription you know.

Feel free to refund the difference between the $3.95 per quarter(advertised on your site)  for 2 years opposed to the $39.95 I had to pay.




I'm sorry. I don't think I understand your problem. Do you want to purchase a one month membership for 3.95 and pay monthly? Are you wanting to have paid 3.95 for a quarterly membership?

I realize that looking at that page, you have to take a minute to really figure out what pricing option would be best for you, and to figure out how often you get billed, but it is all stated there. 3.95 per month = 11.85 per quarter.

Please let me know if there is something wrong with that page, or if you'd just like the wording changed?

Without trying to speak for anyone, I submit that a better change would be to change the "per quarter" changing to "three months." Yes, it's the same thing, but it's much harder to accidentally conflate three months with one month than it is to conflate a month with a quarter.

The advertised pro pricing has always been reeeeeeeeal fishy (ex: the one marked "Best Value" at one point was not actually the most time for the least money; this was justified by going on about investments and hypothetical - which is not to say plausible - interest rates).

I get my memberships for no money by posting stuff that gets featured.