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Ball Mill Help? Answered

I'm planing on constructing a ball mill out of pvc plumbing parts. So far I have two questions...

~I need some help with how to get a motor to use to drive it, that wouldn't require 'to much' wiring to set up. I was thinking about using a drill and mounting it some how.

~Second, I would like to know where I could get lead or other non-sparking media other than online. For example, I heard you could use lead fishing weights, if they sell this at a place like Dicks Sporting Goods could you please send me a product number?

Thank You for your time



Best Answer 8 years ago

You could use a heavy duty,variable speed, high torque drill as a direct drive motor or possibly a motor from an old washer or drier with a pulley set-up.
For non sparking  crushing balls, 70 caliber (.69"), round cast bullets‎ can be found at many gun and ammo dealers or you can buy scrap lead and cast them yourself.

i used an rc car motor and axils put a battery on and put a wipey can between the front and rear axils

I bought 50 caliber muzzle loader lead bullets for use as non sparking ball mill media. You can buy them usually from any local gun shop. or if you are so inclined you can buy a mold from Lee Precission and cast your own from wheel weights.

The motor would connect with a drive-belt / elastic band, but a drill is a bit big really. Or you can have the drum sit on two rollers, one of which is driven by the motor.
If you want lead, go to a shop that sells it and ask them what they've got. Product codes are no use unless they stock them.