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Ballerina Jewelry Box Project Answered


I am interested in creating a jewelry box for my niece. The idea is to laser-cut a custom box which I think I can find templates of online and create an SVG file with some art for the laser cutter. I plan to 3D print a ballerina as well.

I initially thought of running the electronics with Arduino - but prefer to keep it simple. 
I want to have a custom song/melody playing - I was thinking of perhaps some sort of a recording/playback speaker where I can record the song initially and then have it play back - ideas?

For simplicity - do you think it is possible to run a simple circuit with a couple AA/AAA batteries, a hinge control (ideas for something that will do the trick and act as a switch are very much welcome too), a speaker, and some sort of a stepper motor/servo to spin the ballerina.

I would love to get some ideas and supplies from you. This should be a pretty straightforward, simple project but I don't have much electronic experience and am not sure what to search to find the technology I need.

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2 years ago

Traditionally, musical jewellery boxes are clockwork - the ballerina is on a spring, and gets bent over by the closing lid. This jams the mechanism, and prevents it playing unless the lid is lifted.

These mechanisms can be bought from several online sources - here is one I randomly googled;



Reply 2 years ago

Thank you for your reply Kiteman. A kit like that is probably not what I'm looking for since it has a preset music box and will require the perfect box dimensions for the ballerina to get "compressed" by the closing lid.


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You might want to use this https://www.adafruit.com/product/2133

Pair it up with a tiny switch(leaf, magnetic reed, etc) or even use a double pole switch to engage a regular geared motor instead of arduino/servo to spin the figurine and also trigger the sound. Good luck.