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Bamboo Answered

Hi, Does anyone know anything about bamboo? I'd like to grow some, but don't know anything about it. Any info will be helpful. Thanks


I have bamboo. My neighbors freaked out when I planted it but they did not know I had done research and had planted clumping bamboo vs the running kind. 4 years later my bamboo is sill in its clumps but every 6 months or so when new shoots start they are bigger than the last ones. When they come up from the ground they are the diameter that they will stay. They started as big around as my thumb 4 years ago and now I can't encircle my hand around a new stalk.

My advice is to get clumping bamboo instead of running or you will have a forest of bamboo in a short period of time. Mine is silver green and the noise it makes as the wind gently blows is so luscious. I cut the smaller diameter stalks to make things from - like stakes for other plants and wind chimes, curtain rods etc. I also go a variety that only grows 20 feet tall. It sheds leaves like crazy so don't plant it anywhere near anything you want to keep tidy.

It likes water, a lot of water. Are you growing it for aesthetic or material purposes?

I agree that bamboo is a good plant as aesthetic or material. It also good for the enviroment!

Thanks Kent. I'd really like to grow it for both porposes, material and aesthetic. Where do you get the seeds/bulbs/shoots?

Any decent garden center should have something. Definitely get shoots. I just dug some up from along a creek where it had gone wild, I don;t believe there is any native variants of bamboo so you shouldn't get any trouble for collecting it from the wild.

what kind of bamboo can people get that grows the fastest

bamboo is a grass. it's actually one of the fastest growing grasses on the planet, in the proper environment it can grow a foot a day (our bamboo that was at the house i grew up in, in southern louisiana, grew a minimum of 1' a day during the summer months). i don't think there's such a thing as "slow growing bamboo". you really don't have to do much to grow it either, just plant it and it will grow, and grow, and grow. unfortunately it will also send out runners and grow EVERYWHERE


8 years ago

it would be cool if i could genetically modify it to create biofuel. also it could replace plastic. it's a good time to start weaning ourselves off oil.

The stuff grows like a disease. Nearby where I live, there is a creek that had just a few bamboo trees just a couple years back. Now, there's a whole forest of them.

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