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Band saw question Answered

I am going to purchase a band saw to cut 10" circles from 3" stock. Will the 10" Craftsman band saw allow me to accomplish that?



The question is are you keeping the center or the outside. To get chip clearance for a three inch cut you should only have about 5 to 6 teeth per in at the most. Most blades that come with this tooth pitch are 1/2" or wider. with that thickness you'll be cutting with 15 to 18 teeth so you'll need some HP to make the cut You would be better served to go up to a 14" size with at least a true 1/2 HP motor If your doing Hardwoods you might consider a belted two speed and run at the slower speed as the loads will be like metals.


3 years ago

3 inch cuts are a bit thick for it. It will depend on the wood, a hard wood like oak would be a problem but soft woods should be fine. You might need a better band than what comes with the saw. I broke several of those pretty fast. I finally got a carbide tooth one. They are pricy but they cut great. Sharp as a knife and they stay that way and can cut pretty much anything. There are some on line companies that I have bought from. Let me know if you want the names.

Keep the tension tight on the saw so it stays straight in the cut. I had a problem with the thin blade wanting to follow the grain and not making straight cuts. But I was working with hardwoods. And you also need to keep the drive belt tight. Maybe the newer model is better but on mine the belt gets slack and starts slipping. Adjusting it fixes the problem but just remember to check it if your cutting slows down.

My saw in action.


I should mention that I tend to push my tools to the max sometimes. One of my last marathon table saw sessions had the motor overheating and shutting down when I pushed it to hard. But then I was cutting through solid ash logs, so not to much a surprise.



3 years ago

Depends on how narrow the band saw blade...

Even though it takes magic to cut 10" from 3"..