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Bandanas, BeanBags and T-shirts. What else to Tie Dye>? Answered

This Saturday I am going to go to the Market and sell Tie Dyed T-Shirts and other stuff. The Market is for People to sell art and crafts and fruit among many other things. I was pondering on what other things I could tie dye and bring there? Also I was wondering whether or not I should make a Instructable on how to make hemp bracelets?


That's a good idea. Have people bring stuff they want tie dyed and then come and pick it up the following week.

underwear! seriously

Try some white shorts!

It's already Saturday - but once I went on a dyeing jag and dyed everything in the house - towels, sheets, son's boxers, socks, dish towels. Nothing was off limits - you could even suggest to people at the market that they can bring you what they want dyed.