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What are your favorite music bands? Mine are AC/DC, Bush, Creed, Demon Hunter, Disturbed. Godsmack, Megadeth, Metallica, Mortal Treason, Shinedown, Stained, Stone Sour, Stone Temple Pilots and Tool. So I was looking to add some new bands to my favorites, thats why im asking.


My NUMBER 1 ABSOLUTE FAVE, Shinedown!!!!!!!!!! THEY KICK A**!!! 'specially with 45!

. In no particular order (semi-alpha): Aerosmith, Rush, .38 Special, Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Audioslave, 3 Doors Down, AC/DC, A Perfect Circle, Allman Bros Band, Angel, Bad Company, George Benson, Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, Boston, Bowling For Soup, Jimmy Buffett, Bush, Candlebox, The Cars, Ray Charles, Cheap Trick, Eric Clapton, Uriah Heep, Joe Cocker, Sam Cooke, Cream, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, Rick Derringer, Al Di Meola, The Doors, Dread Zeppelin, Everlast, Aretha Franklin, Fuel, Georgia Satellites, Godsmack, Grand Funk Railroad, The Guess Who, Jeff Healey Band, Heart, Jimi Hendrix, Incubus, James Gang/Joe Walsh, Billy Joel, Elton John, BB King ... . I'm tired.

... Carole King, Kiss, Korn, Cyndi Lauper, Led Zeppelin, Gordon Lightfoot, Barry Manilow , Bob Marley, Dave Matthews, Delbert McClinton, Carmen McRae, Meat Loaf, Montrose (Ronnie), Gary Moore, Alanis Morissette, Nazareth, Nickelback, Nine Inch Nails, John Prine, Pink Floyd, (The) Prodigy, Queen, Bonnie Raitt, Otis Redding, REM, Rolling Stones, (Carlos) Santana, Scorpions, Bob Seger, Squeeze, Steely Dan, The Stranglers, Supertramp, George Thorogood, Timbuk 3, Tool, Train, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Triumph, U2, Stabbing Westward, Failure and Locust, Gino Vanelli, Townes Van Zandt, BIlly Vera (and the Beaters), Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Steppenwolf, Jethro Tull, Alison Krauss, Bill Withers, Sly and the Family Stone, Alvin Lee, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Steve Earle, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Ray Charles, Al Green, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, The B-52s, Tone Loc, The Police, Cheap Trick, Willie Nelson, Toto, Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tom Waits, Bob Welch, Frank Zappa, Harry Nilsson, Staind, Nat "King" Cole, Procol Harum, Robin Trower, Creed, Steve Miller Band, Talking Heads, Styx, ... . Time for a nap.

OMG I can't believe someone else likes Grand Funk Railroad too!

Also it is good to know someone elso likes good music, too. I liked every band I recognized on that list.
I mean, really-

-The Cars
-Deep Purple
-The Doors
-Grand Funk Railroad (alot of people know the songs, but not the name)
-The Guess Who
-Jimi Hendrix
-Korn (some of it)
-Nickleback (they're okay, just that every song is like the same w/ different words)
-Pink Floyd
-Queen (favorite song= Under Pressure)
-Rolling Stones
-Santana (some)
-sorry, don't like Bob Seger
-Lynyrd Skynyrd (AWESOME)
-Tone Loc (one of the only rapper dudes I like...he's cool)
-The Police
-Creed (some)
-Styx (favorite=Renegade)


-The Flaming Lips
-The Outfield
-REO Speedwagon
-Billy Squier
-prolly more....

isn't that the hand gesture for the devils horns? I'm Christian so I kinda noticed that. Or I'm guessing you mean rock on right? I know lots of people on this forum will hate me, but.... Trvium, AvengedSevenfold, Atreyu, Disturbed, KillSwitchEngaged, ThreedaysGrace, and Metallica. Remember, these are my FAVORITE bands. Also, chek out my guitar teachers band (He's been playing for 20 years and has his masters degree for guitar) There called the Evil Janitors I think

lol, i thought these were different from your list. and it was janitors of chaos, not evil XD

my list has changed since the time i posted this. lol

i think all good metal lovers spread there metal opennessness (not a word) You used to like REAL metal, back then, but then you started liking more modern bands too. Am i right? Oh yeah, my brother is a little older fashioned but... MegaDeth, Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbeth, Motor Head, Machine Head (lol), Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, System of a Down (I know its not metal), Slipknot, Testiment, Rage against the machines, and many others. He also likes Primus, if you know who they are.

awesomeliciousness. I dont really like slipknot THAT much, but there pretty good. hey, did you check out my teachers band? Janitors of chaos or something, there pretty good, you might like em

funny you may ask i play the drums in a band

My cousin is gonna make hobo music (Its a joke but he wants to see if he makes any business XD) Here are the rules, no beat, random, doesnt rhyme, must sound weird, have to look poor, the guitarist just makes tons of random sounds. They've made about $20 in the past 2 weeks which is pretty good

cool my friend has a band calles Loadstone

Justin who? Hey I could know you! That would be cool! You can privet message your name so other people don't know.

Let me go look at my year book. Oh and what grade are you in so it will be easier for me to find you.

Well, most of mine favorites are not current (some have no living members anymore).

One of them however, IS current: Trans Siberian Orchestra: The video is titled:


From: Beethoven's Last Night.

Duh, I forgot to click ADD video, here it is:

I have the entire Beethoven's Last Night cd....tis the first "hard rock band" doing this kind of music I have been acquainted with since Emerson, Lake, & Palmer :-)

BTW: What did you think of the video ? If you know the "story" behind the album, it really helps with the visuals.

There is a really wild Christmas light show done to some of their music (Wizards of Winter) in
Shickshinny, Pennsylvania each Dec.

i saw that a wile back i was like holy cow! that rocks!

Being a Catholic (you), I'm puzzled as to why you've illustrated this post with the goat sign, commonly taken to be a Satanic gesture? L

no no no this is a pic of the rock on hand sign.

The place I live this sign is the rock on sign. (I didnt know it was satanic)

According to Anton LaVey, maybe. And that dude claims that real men like Thousand Island dressing.

Not easy to find a good image of La Vey 'Rocking on' (the best I couls get here) but 'Manson has the T-shirt.

C:\Documents and Settings\bum\My Documents\Goat.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\bum\My Documents\LaVeyManson.jpg

I wanted to reply yesterday, but I was going to be late to school. ;) So here we go!!! The Affair, AFI (but not the last album, eek!), Alkaline Trio, Amy Winehouse, Azure Ray, Be Your Own Pet, Bob Dylan, Cat Power, Clash 22, The Clash, Cold War Kids, Corrine Bailey Rae, David Bowie, Death Cab For Cutie, Dolly Parton, Elbow, Elliot Smith, Emmylou Harris, Fiona Apple, Flamign Lips, The Fugees, G. Love and the Special Sauce, Garrison Starr, Green Day, Hem, Indigo Girls (but only sometimes, I find their "messages" overwhelming even though they make beautiful music), The Innocence Mission, Interpol, Iron and Wine, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Eat World, Jamiroquai, Jose Gonzalez, any Katamari Damacy soundtrack, The Kooks, KT Tunstall, Lauryn Hill, Lawrence Arms, Led Zepplin (they're growing on me, but seriously - what is with the screeching that Robert Plant does all the time?!), The Like, Maria Taylor, MxPx, Neko Case, New Pornographers, Old 97's, Perfect Circle, Polaris, The Postal Service, Radiohead, Rancid, Rhett Miller, Rilo Kiley, Samurai Champloo soundtracks, The Seatbelts, The Shakes, The Shins, The Smiths, Social Distortion, Sublime, The Terrible Twos, Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers), We Are Scientists, Yeah Yeah Yeahs... I just went through my iTunes playlist... that's only about half of it, but I picked that bands I listen to the most. :P Does anyone else have a hard time cleaning out their iTunes library? There's a lot imported to my library that I listened to and hated, and yet it's still there, haha.

for a second, i thought you had put melvin taylor, but it said maria. you were almost my most favorite person in the whole world for today... almost. plant does scream alot, and his voice gets on my nerves, but the musicians in zepplin were amazing. but seriously, if you like blues, check out melvin taylor.

i dont use iTunes, so i have no trouble cleaning it out...

i have so much music on my iTunes playlist that i get lost looking for songs. :p