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Banksy Puts Up Huge Piece Next to CCTV Camera Answered

Graffiti artist Banksy has pulled off an epic stunt by painting a three-story piece in London. Using the best approach of acting naturally, he was able to put up scaffolding, hide the work behind a tarp, and then take it ll down to reveal what he did. And all of it was right next to a CCTV camera. Nice!

Link via Neatorama


 It has been painted over now, I took a picture of it, then a week later there was  a scaffold in front of it, a month after that it was gone. There is a really ugly blank patch on that wall. Not an improvement.


10 years ago

Totally fantastic!! I love how he puts characters in it too!

He has a sort of "standard" one that he does, where he'll spray paint "What are you looking at?" in the path of a camera :P

Nice! I hate those cameras in the UK. They are even worse than homeland security in the US

I have to say... That is good!

The man's a class act. I hope they don't wash it off ...

I love the idea of simply acting natural, it works alot better than a balaclava anyway... A real kicker would have been writing around the camera, anysecurity sent to ask why it's covered are most likely dumb enough to fall for it...