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Barcode in Word after upgrading Answered

I'm used to make 2D barcode in Word 2003, it was simple to use and worked very well. Now, I upgrade ma word to 2007, I'm wondering can I use the same add-in in Word 2007? Or should I get a new one? If I upgrade to 2010 later, is there any possibility that the same add-in will work well without any upgrading?



It depends on the compatibility of the barcode add-in to MS Word. Some of the MS Wprd barcode add-ins support all the three versions of Word.

But since you have upgraded your word already, why don't try your add-in first and see.

Hi, I found the 2007 folder in the download file, thanks! Will install now.

The demo I download has 3 packages for me to use according to the different version of the word. I choose 2007 at that time. I suggest you to check if you had other version of word add-in in that folder, if not, download another one will be fine.

I think the simple way is to download a new barcode control from Internet, it is not difficult to insert one in word.

when you upgraded to new version, the essentially part of barcode is not existed, but you can download a barcode template by using a barcode library.