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Barrett M82A1 Answered

Creating a Barrett M82A1 using 3d printer material and then configuring it to shoot Nerf darts using compressed air. This project is currently in progress and 95% complete.


How would I configure to shoot Nerf darts with a spring not compressed air?

is its aim accurate?
It looks awesome

The project is almost done. I just have to add the grip, trigger, and a stock extension to hold the air pump. Then I'm doing a better paint job on it and it's done. Right now it shoots nerf darts. The max air pressure that you can put into it is 450 PSI. I like to operate it around 120 PSI.

Just one question: Can you disassemble it like the real thing? :P

Looks slick. Question about you ammunition though: Is it foam? I've done test with air rifles and nerf bullets and the results are awful. It looks like your ammunition is plastic which will definitely help them handle the air compression (i've completely banana peeled regular bullets). When I tested, heavier bullets shot straighter than any other adjustment (also tested the addition of fins and a longer barrel).

Thanks, I took the ammo into account when I decided how to build the internals. It does use foam darts, however, there is a good distance between the dart and the explosive release valve. Therefore, the air wont blast directly into the dart and banana peel it. Also, the barrel length is equivalent to the real gun (32") so it will have plenty of room for the air and dart to travel. I've also lubricated the inside of the shells and the barrel so there's less resistance between the dart and the barrel.

The plastic shells hold the nerf darts and the gun will be able to cycle them with the bolt, just like the real one.