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Baseball Card Update Bugs Answered

A place to post bugs you've noticed regarding the new update. Drop them in the comments below! Sorry if this comes across as negative, it was meant as a place for observations not to moan :D.



8 years ago

A couple things: What do the different colors under peoples profile images mean? There's blue, red and green I've seen so far. Also, I was just checking out Fungus-Amungus's page, and his card is wrong. Card says 109 instructables, and "Next" button says 96 instructables. Pic below:

New Picture (5).bmp

Wait... there's orange too.

I think it's a colorcode for the amount of ibles you have... It seems that everybody under 5 is blue Under 10 is green And over 10 is red... And anyone with 0 just doesn't have a color. This is as far as I can tell, could be wrong thought.... It seems his bug has also to do with the viewbug. Perhaps he dispublished a couple of ibles and they still show up or something like that. Or perhaps some of the guides that got reposted to instructable guides...

I changed my avatar today. The card still shows my old avatar, even though the change was several hours ago. Everywhere else is fine.

The "Comments" section on the card says I have over 9000 more comments than the "Comments" box on my profile when you scroll down.

Have you released a new one today? It doesn't update very often so might not count a new one?

Nope - the *did* say 105 when they first brought them out. One's gone missing in the last few hours.

Yeah, there aren't enough ibles on my card! Wait, I guess it is time to get cracking on some more...

Yea my instructable count should read "Over 9000"

To clarify:

My card says I have 21116 views (like stated below in the picture of jayefuu) but when I count all the views that are displayed on each of my ibles my total is somewhere around 19755...

Alot less then the 21k on my card. I do not have any private ibles or anything like that. So that's a big bug we got...

This has been fixed now and will appear in the next release apparently

To quote Randofo: "It turns out this is a bug. We were tabulating all Instructables (unpublish, deleted, private, etc). This should be fixed in the next bug release."

It seems it's fixed now :) Come to think of it, I did have 2 other ibles who got some views that could be like 2-3k but I unpublisched them because they were very bad.

Are these cards for Pro members only? Or is it for all users?

Everybody, but they are there for other users to see, not really yourself. Click on your own username above (.../member/bwpatton1), and you'll see what we're all talking about.


8 years ago

Wow... this new update made everything very glitchy... this page is all messed up. Is anyone else seeing this? People replied to a comment that I left a few seconds ago, but the replies are supposed to be to a different comment.

The new way of displaying how many instructables a user has is not as clear as the old method. _I_ can guess that 22 is my ibles count as I know if have that many ibles but for a new member that could quite easily be their age or number of forum topics or height in hands.


Yeah, plus it's almost impossible to see. It's kind of funny to see. When you go into your account, it's like seeing a top trumps card, inside a top trumps card. How often are the stats updated?

The stats on the new avatar wrapper (thanks, Rachel!) are live, just as with the previous simple tabulation.

You sure they're live? Mine's not updated all day.

They're as live as the previous tabulated version was. That means (just as with everything at I'bles), they are dependent upon the updating of the cache servers. The new avatar wrapper is not a generated image, but is a style wrapper around the content, which is acquired via JS. It looks like a pretty cool implementation.

The names of users with long usernames wrap around onto the next line.


There is something wrong with their script for counting views

When I check my own, it tells me that my total views is 21.116 while your script from a view days ago tells me 19679.

i went to my "you page" and checked the number of views there and while checking I found that I have 19755.

That's still miles away from the 21k my profile says I have...

Is there some explenation to the why or how of that?

(I'm reposting it here Jayefuu, I didn't see that you made this topic until after I posted it at your other topic ;) )


Now something is definitly going wrong on the site...

Me becoming pro must have broken the site :p

I replied that my long family name always got me into trouble and that I should probably change my username to "Michel" for short but I was wondering if I didn't loose my comments and answers then...

But for some odd reason it shows the comment I already made above...

Also it seems that the baseball cards don't automaticly update (changed my profile pic)