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Basic LED swticher Answered

Hello instructable forum. I had a qick question about a project I'm thinking of doing.

So I wanted to make a poker table. I know how I'm going to do that, but I wanted to make a built-in dealer chip. So I was planning to put 8 LEDs (One for each station/person) And at one station there would be an Push button. I want one LED to be lit up at a time, and when the button is pushed, I want the power to transfer to the LED to the right of where it previously was. Again: I only want ONE LED to by lit at a time.

I'll include a basic pitcure for a visual.
I think I'll need a demultiplexer and a counter, but not too sure how to use them.




Or a 4017 decade counter. Don't forget to debounce the push button.

Yeah That's was another way. A 4017 or 4022.
What do you mean, debounce though?

Sometimes when you push a button the mechanism inside vibrates and bounces a bit causing it to appear to be more than one press to the decade counter.

Debouncing it stops your circuit from skipping an LED or two when you press the button.

This website has some circuits and an explanation of how it works.

How about getting a multicontact rotary switch. Just turn to the next position to light it up?