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Basic Oodammo Rifle Prototype 2.5 *With some internal pics* Answered

(Update 2.5)

I cannot be bothered anymore to put anything else on this gun, so anyone who wants to build this gun form the pics, they are allowed to build and post the mods as long as they credit me. 

The current stats as it stands:
* Range = 40ft with one # 64 band
* Powerful
* Very easy to use
* High ROF
* Can be easily adapted for left handed shooters (just build it like the V1 with the panel on the other side)
* Fairly reliable with the mags
* Handle connection is very strong unless you try to break it deliberately (which means it wont come unattached in wars)
* Iron sights are accurate to about 25 to 30ft

There are now pics of some internals at the end.

Enjoy building and modding if you do decide to do that. 


I like it, but I agree with TD. Also give it a longer mag. Other than that it's a cool gun. : )

Alright, time for some honest feedback. The gun is unnecessary. We have oodammo pistols and the TRs, and this gun is rather nicheless. It doesn't exactly do anything new or cool. However, for the sake of just building a stocked oodammo gun, this looks pretty decent. Perhaps if you could try putting a few more features into it.

Thanks for the feedback. I will admit its not new either.

I hate that the ramrod is pulled on the wrong side. (lol I know I could just build this backwards and have it facing the right way)

If the ram is pulled from the right it's actually more helpful. Most bolt actions work this way.

That's because on real firearms that are longer, the center of weight is, lo and behold, closer to the center of the firearm, where the left hand will be. However, on a K'nex gun, the center of weight is usually closer to the right hand than the left hand, or at the least it's much more comfortable to hold the gun by the handle than trying to grip it funkily.

True. Im normally a righty, but I just felt like trying out a left handed gun to see what using one would be like. That will definitely be the first thing I change.

Nice! I like the way you put the ramrod, always when I build some sort of these guns, I make an bullpup trigger, thus making the gun longer for an stock, instead of this gun. Good job!