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Basic electrical help needed? Answered

Hello everyone i'll try to keep this short and sweet. In my next project I will be re-Building a trolling motor. The trolling motor runs on a 12 volt battery, and draws between 5 to 30 amps. The problem I have is that the control unit/head of the trolling motor is destroyed. In other words all i have at this point is a 12 volt motor connected directly to a 12 volt battery. The trolling motor is very powerful and I don't want to run it full power all the time. This made me look for a 30 amp dimmer switch, just like the ones people have in their homes. With no results I don't know what to do. I am thinking about using a 600 watt AC dimmer switch like the ones in peoples homes, but I don't know if it will work with a DC circut like the one I have. Thanks for your time and help.  ~KayakKid   


Well, you can use an lm 317 !

Thank you Josehf, this is a bit expensive, but I'll search around for similar items and hopefully find a cheep one. Thank you every one for your time, :)

I doubt you'll find anything else worthwhile for as little as that. Its exactly what you need.

What about a motor controller for a electric scooter bike?

An AC dimmer can and will only process AC. What you need is a DC controller like the destroyed control unit was.