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Basic server management: What is best practice when uploading to /var/www/ ? Answered

I recently installed Ubuntu server on an old PC and attached it to my home network - (only I use the network and it's wired). The issue is that (Having installed Apache web server) I am not sure how to remotely upload content. By default Apache uses /var/www/ to contain the web content that it serves. By default the write access to this folder is set to root (and no users or groups). Thus I can't work out the right way to use "scp" to copy files, because (being ubuntu) there is no actual root account. Should I just change the permissions of the folder to allow my user account write access or is this considered bad practice? Is there another or better way?

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8 years ago

Thanks, I understand setting user permission's so I can do that part, but I was under the impression that alias relates to defining a shorter reference to a long command, like here; http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/03/30/creating-shortcuts-with-user-aliases/- effectively a technique to save on typing. Are you referring to something different, perhaps pertaining to access permissions or similar?


p.s. Would it be wise to create a number of different users for different use cases - a user for website deployment, a user for general SSH/maintenance, etc...with appropriate restrictions? One the one hand it might help contain an access violation, on the other it might be excessive (I don't really have a baseline to judge from at the moment).