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Bass Guitar Whammy Bar Answered

Does anyone have any good information on how to get a whammy bar retro-fitted onto a 4-string bass? or at least where to get a bridge/bar? help much appreciated!


I would think they are not too common because they would really put some stress to stretch those bigger bass strings. The tuning would probably go out of whack even worse over time.


9 years ago

Wouldn't a fretless bass be able to do pretty much the same thing?

Kahler under the products
all 3 of these places sell bass tremolos they aint cheep, if ya need any more places that sell them pm me i'd be happy to help

I've never seen a whammy bar on a bass. I bet you can do some crazy things with it.

thanks! they certainly aren't cheap, but now i just need money.......