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Batch Cracker Group Answered

Hello ! i decide to create my own group member and the name is Batch Cracker Group ..
send me a private message if you want to ask any question ..


??? Cracking what?

Yep... Anyways, more info would be nice. If you are cracking programs and posting them on Instructables (if you know how), keep in mind that when an admin finds out your account will probably be deleted.

it could be translated several ways, but to me, it sounds like he wants to start a Script kiddie group....

Craking what in a batch file?

I have no idea. It was just a guess. Apparently the OP doesn't want to give us more info.

lol, i saw Batch Cracker Group, and thought of " computer white guys??"

not to mention the meaning of Crackers in the UK ;-) that is: coo-coo

You do know the difference between a hacker and a cracker, yes?

Someone else understands that difference! <3 Mostly only hackers (original definition) make a thing about the difference, because they are the ones who use the word "hack" in its original sense. Crackers (or wannabe-crackers) mostly want to be called hackers-as-in-the-film, so finding people who self-identify as "crackers" is unusual. Anyway- my question to razzieddyza stands, what do the group do?

Haha, well, every time I see the word misused I want to throw myself off a bridge. It makes my heart hurt. Seriously, it's very annoying.

Indeed, it's as though they want ostracism and mockery...

It is indeed rare to call one's self a cracker {especially given the well known British meaning of the word Cracker(s) LOL }. In a nutshell: true hacker mentality seeks for the knowledge and cracker mentality takes it a step further to misuse that knowledge.

. There are quite a few iBles and topics on batch files. Someone should put together a list of links.


9 years ago

The combination of "batch" and "cracker" makes me assume you are purporting to do some sort of advanced computing task with batch files or similar scripts, possibly involving evading security. Am I correct? Do you have any examples of your work?