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Battery Hand Gun/cannon Answered

Ok, so I'm planning to make this instructable, it shoots out batteries at incredible velocities. It's fairly dangerous. It involves the use of match powder. However, it has come to my concern that people might worry or even hate me for posting this instructable. So I'm going to ask users on this instuctable if yes or no, they want me to post it. Here's a picture of the damage it can make. The first picture shows the side where the battery first stuck into the 3/4 inch thick wood, the second shows the other side where the battery left. So, do you want me to post it?


is it a knex gun?

No!!!! This thing can actually seriously injure someone or maybe even kill them! It is also faily loud. I actually made something stronger than this, it was a homemade shotgun and a homemade handgun. But since it is illigal having a gun below the age of 17, I can't show it. However, this gun is somthing more like a cannon. It can still kill though. It dosen't use real bullets and gun powder but instead, it uses batteries as bullets and match powder as the gunpowder.

legaly, i don't think it matters, especialy now. you still have a firearm, even if you aren't using gunpowder or lead (or copper-jacketed lead...).

this thing looks serious you should definately post it! and what is it made out of? I have pneumatic spud gun that can shoot bateries through pliwood if i pump it up enough


11 years ago