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Battery Pack or Car Battery - Biking Answered

To all of you night bikers out there, do you power your lights with a battery pack of NiMh or Li-Ion battery packs, or do you use a lead-acid car battery? The weight of the car battery kind of turns me away from it, but I don't want to have to recharge my batteries every day. I'm looking to power LEDs and maybe halogens. Thanks!


I'd suggest keeping a detachable battery powered light on hand, but as a main source of light why not get a wheel generator light. Its a small wheel that presses against your tire and captures the energy you generate from the spinning tire. as long as you keep pedaling you'll never run out of power. I've seen winding LED flashlights plenty of times......... maybe in the spirit of Instructables you could take a winding flashlight and adapt it to work with your spinning tire

I'd use nimh or lion to drive LEDs, with even 3 small 1000 maH nimh triple AA's you could power 3 super bright LEDS for like 15 hours or something like that

Te he! I had not read your comment..... Dido I guess... Yeah it's going sweat for me at the moment.... ;P

Ummmm... I ripped apart one of the new Energizer LeD torch's... I takes 3 AAA and switch between 3 LeD's or 1 incan.... It doesn't weight anything basically... Provides as much light as normal headlight...(I often get flashed by annouyed drivers) I also run an additional 3 leds off the same batt pack on the rear (which comes in handy for flashing driver's back if they get too close... ) With all 6 LeD's running, I get a good 2 1/2 hrs of riding in complete darkness.... Before it get's a 'lil dim for my liking... Was going to rip apart a dynamo torch and make a charger unit for the bike... But at the moment it doesn't bother me charging the batt as I use this torch also around my home.... and like it to be fully charged all the time.... LeD's are so the way to go... stuff having a car batt....I could light up my bike like the enterprise(kinda already does) Batts are just stand NiMh 900mAh.. ;)

I use a 4.5AHr lead acid gel cell - 12V -- with a 10W halogen. I need the light to see - rather than just be seen. Additional weight does suck, so I made it easily removable. Which is good because my bike doesn't go into my apartment and having it removable makes it easy to recharge :D I looked at buying an LED setup, but the brightness doesn't compare given the higher cost :/ Even if I just bought parts and assembled myself, it can't compare with a $3 halogen bulb and some scrap wire and a switch :) But LEDs are better than nothing ;)

Still more expensive than ~$3 :p But as I have been reading, overdriving a halogen will be more efficient than an equivalent LED array (overdriving LEDs is a very bad thing :p). I'd also prefer NOT having to deal with the beam spread on 50 individual components (as opposed to a few higher powered LEDs or 1-2 halogens). Link

It would also seem that HID is more efficient than LED... But there's no way I'm spending in excess of $200 on a bike light :p

Cateye Halogen 500 - Seems to be a good compromise of cost/power for commuting :) Still, it screams steal me. My current light screams homemade - not worth stealing :p

just be careful handling the halogens. Touching the bulbs can cause them to explode when on for a bit.

The lead-acid battery for scooter/moped/bike is lightweight enough.

When I rode bike at night, I tried using one of those generators that rode on the wheel, but I was always burning out light bulbs....I guess I went too fast LOL.

Yeah, you are going to have some weight to deal with if you use any lead/acid battery. Lantern batteries should last longer with LED's (LED Specs.) then with the incandescent bulb they were meant to drive. Now, if you go with Halogens, you will be draining batteries :-)

But take a look at this and see if it is helpful at all: Battery drain from Halogen bulbs