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Battery Power in a Taser Answered

Hey, I'm making a 'Glove' Taser using a disposable camera and I wanted to know a few things which most people who read this will laugh at. Firstly, I wanted to put a stronger battery into it and wanted to know what the best battery to use was, keeping in mind that I wanted it to be hidden so I can't use C or D batteries or anything like that. And secondly whether by soldering more wire strands to my contact points (the hurty bits) whether it would carry a greater charge? ie, if 5 strands of copper wire carries 'X' charge then maybe 15 strands would carry '3X' charge. Any help here would be a huge bonus and when I make my Instructable on my Glove Taser I'll give credit to anyone who tried to help me XD


Could I add an extra capacitor then? is it possible for a novice tinkerer like myself to add another capacitor so that twice as much power is drawn to the capacitors and discharged? Also, could I change the AA battery to a 9volt battery instead? because that would fit my intended case better.

you could add an extra capacitor in parallel with the existing one. youd have to desolder the existing cap, solder in wires, and attach the anodes on both caps to one wire, and the cathodes on both caps to the other wire.

Define a "stronger" battery. Chances are that it came with a single AA. If you want a more powerful shock, you would have to use two or more batteries to increase the voltage. However, this may overload the circuit.

Adding more wires will probably make it hurt a bit less. The same amount of electricity will be delivered either way, but with more wires, the charge is more dispersed, so any temperature increase would be lessened.