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Battery Powered LED Strip Answered


I have one 6V Alkaline Battery (or two 3V Coin cell battery) that i am using to light a fairy LED strip (see here). I'd like to know for how long the battery will last me for. Can you please direct me what parameters I need to collect for the battery (or the LEDs) and what equations i will be using to determine the operating time of the battery. Thank you for your support in advance,



Antzy Carmasaic

3 years ago

Assuming the batteries are in series(most common setup):
2 CR2032 batteries in series = 3V * 2 = 6V
Wikipedia says typical capacity is 225mAh. In series, capacity remains the same for 2.

They run for 10 hours.
So current consumption per hour of lights = 225mAh / 10h = 22.5mA

So if the new batteries can provide 6V, look up their current capacity. Let's say it is X mAh. So they will run for (X / 22.5) hours.


3 years ago

i was aware of this information but if i am to use different set of batteries wouldnt that be different?