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Battery Powered Puppet Show Squibs Answered

I'm doing a puppets show ( of die hard) anyhoo i though that if i could use wire and a battery to trigger a bang snap (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bang_snaps) then i could effectively make a squib to go on the puppet.

However i don't even know what kind of voltage would be required to do this. I obviously want to keep things safe so can a battery (and a car battery would be too big) be used to set off a bang snap?


A 9V cell would probably do it, but taking longer to heat the wire to trigger the squib, so timing may be an issue.

You can get smaller lead-acid batteries, for bikes and scooters, or look into model rocket ignition systems.

Thankyou for that. I'm gonna look into the scooter battery option. I'm not even sure if the bang snap itself would be that effective, it's safe though. I just want a smallish flash. I might even see if i can use this method to trigger a party popper. If anyone has any alternatives (but not something like flash powder as that kinda scares me)